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Available on a subscription basis, SAP Cloud for Real Estate offers several flexible licensing options to meet your organization’s needs.

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SAP Cloud for Real Estate,

location management option


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SAP Cloud for Real Estate,

contract management option

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Filter and navigate to and through your buildings to view areas of space, building space type, or ownership status  
Use detailed workplace information, such as assigned teams for shared or dedicated desks  
Observe key performance indicators for owned and leased buildings with their costs, space, and occupancy  
Integrate with SAP for Finance, leverage partner apps, or connect to your own custom applications  
Manage lease agreements and track critical dates  
Perform contract simulations for renewals and break options  
Access cost data associated with each contract  
Comply with IFRS16 and ASC842 lease accounting standards  

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Enhance SAP Cloud for Real Estate with financial data and asset management that extend your comprehensive portfolio management.
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