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Real Estate Management Features

Location Management

Manage space more effectively, evaluate the financial performance of buildings quickly, and understand the physical characteristics of each location.

Optimize your real estate portfolio

  • Use a single dashboard to track overall portfolio performance, including capacity and cost analysis
  • Access the most important contract details for each leased building quickly
  • Leverage integration capabilities to gain real-time financial insights 
  • Use advanced workplace management features to visualize, analyze, and plan workspaces 

Contract and Lease Administration

Actively manage lease agreements, track critical dates, perform valuations based on new lease accounting standards, and analyze leasing costs.

Manage contracts and leases more effectively

  • Comply with new leasing regulations within IFRS and US-GAAP reporting standards
  • Evaluate lease performance
  • Perform contract simulations for renewals and break options
  • Access cost data associated with each contract

Associated Technology

Streamline real estate management processes by integrating with SAP and non-SAP solutions and harnessing the power of in-memory technology.

SAP Software Accessibility

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