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Explore data intelligence and monetization

Put your data to work and create new revenue streams with data intelligence enabled by SAP Leonardo in the cloud.
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Become a data-driven business

Data is the new center of gravity for business transformation. But how do you move forward? Browse data monetization examples and learn how to make the most of your data capital. 

Maximize the value of your data

Discover how to capitalize on your own data assets – whether you want to sell data and commercialize the insights, or consume them yourself to drive performance improvements.

What is data intelligence?

Data intelligence solutions help you monetize your data and insights.
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Data security and privacy

Each dataset is anonymized and aggregated for data privacy. No personally identifiable information is included. Data-at-rest encryption helps ensure regulatory compliance.

Data monetization strategies

DaaS can help you develop new business, enter adjacent business, or enhance your core business. Explore data monetization strategies for each goal.

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Data intelligence vs. analytics

What’s the difference? Data intelligence uses business intelligence and analytics but takes it a step further – offering ways to monetize the insights derived from your data.

What can data intelligence do for your business?

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New revenue streams

Monetize your business data and offer DaaS or data insight services that reach new or existing customers in innovative ways.

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Improved efficiency

Gain new efficiency by embedding predictive models, simulation capabilities, and recommendation engines into your processes.

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Enhanced customer experience

Use insights to improve the customer experience across marketing, sales, and service – and create customer-driven products.

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