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Product Capabilities

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Build an intuitive design environment

  • Use intuitive design tools to create the report layouts you need
  • Reduce time spent on report formatting with templates and wizards
  • Set parameter values and get results without refreshing data
  • Explore results interactively with on-report sorting and filtering that matches local customs

Accelerate design

  • Use advanced features, such as global formula search and duplicate formula, to speed report design
  • Automate hyperlink creation with the hyperlink wizard
  • Generate barcodes instantly
  • Set report parameters and apply values from a single, easy-to-use parameter panel

Create powerful data mashups

  • Convey information in a compelling way with enhanced design features
  • Add dynamic charts, graphics, and videos to reports using Adobe Flash
  • Visualize what-if scenarios with SAP Crystal Dashboard Design integration
  • Execute business decisions within reports by embedding Adobe Flex

Make the most of varied deployment options

  • Blast personalized reports to recipients by integrating with SAP Crystal Server
  • Access interactive data online using data drivers for enhanced Web services
  • Simplify access to complete customer data with a driver
  • Integrate reports into business processes quickly with XML exporting

SAP Software Accessibility

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