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CRM and Customer Experience for High Tech

An agile customer experience (CX) can help you keep pace with changing buyer behaviors and market conditions.

Be first to market with a great customer experience

By delivering a personalized and consistent customer experience, you can grow your high tech business and build relationships that last.



changing customer dynamics

Nearly half of B2B firms report customers having access to a wealth of information on competitive products and services, changing relationship dynamics.



customer experience differentiation

More than a third of B2B customers cited the need for differentiation based on customer experience as a top pressure.



consistent experiences

One third of B2B customers reported that their customers expect consistent experiences across all touch points.

Deliver personalized and complex offers quickly

Customer-centric, everything-as-a-service (EaaS), and outcome-based promotions can help maximize your revenue and profit.

EaaS and the high tech customer experience

Discover how you can gain a new competitive advantage by providing a customer experience based on subscriptions and outcomes.

Industry snapshot on commerce experiences

Take a look at how high tech businesses increased their order volume by 483% in 2020 with SAP Commerce Cloud.

B2B commerce with engaging experiences

Speed time to market, boost agility, and tailor the buying journey with consistency and transparency by using SAP Commerce Cloud.

Build profitable relationships with the right customers

Sales representatives can identify and foster high-potential customers with a clear understanding of the buying journey.

Best practices for B2B customer journeys

Explore an intelligent approach that helps ensure the delivery of the right service to the right customer at the right time.

Customer data for hypergrowth customers

Find out how you can monetize and manage your data to optimize performance as a critical step on your CX journey.

Meaningful and effective sales experiences

Improve sales engagements and build relationships that last with a trusted understanding of your customer needs and behaviors.

Grow your high tech business with our customer experience solutions

Deliver personalized B2B commerce – everywhere

Reach more customers, personalize commerce experiences, boost revenue, and simplify processes with a modern approach to B2B e-commerce.

Exceed expectations with superior customer service

Increase customer loyalty and drive business growth by providing reliable, personalized omnichannel service and ensuring service excellence.

Build trusted customer and partner relationships

Accelerate time to market, simplify identity lifecycle management, and protect against business risks while addressing privacy and compliance requirements.

Find more high tech solutions

Learn more about industry trends, challenges, and opportunities, and explore our full range of SAP solutions to meet all your business needs.

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