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Customer Data

Soar to new levels of revenue growth, risk protection, and scalability by understanding customers like never before.

Accelerate growth using trusted, enterprise-wide customer data insights

Acquire more known users and strengthen customer retention using curated and permission-based data insights surfaced from across the enterprise.

Product Overview

Scale and strengthen your business by orchestrating relevant customer insights to the right engagement systems in real time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer data solutions from SAP formed when SAP purchased Gigya in 2018. We offer enterprise-ready solutions focused on customer identity and access management (CIAM), consent and preference data management, B2B partner lifecycle management, and customer data platforms (CDPs).

Contrary to traditional identity access management (IAM), customer identity and access management (CIAM) is focused on the customer experience (CX). SAP CIAM for B2C uses a single cloud platform that enables brands to:

  • Remove friction at registration and login through customer identity management
  • Provide secure authentication across digital properties and devices
  • Build robust customer profiles based on first-party, permission-based data
  • Govern profiles and orchestrate them in near real time with other engagement solutions to deliver personalized experiences

With SAP CIAM for B2C, your brand can turn anonymous online visitors into known, loyal customers. 

Learn more about SAP CIAM for B2C.

Brands can break customer trust by not providing enough transparency about how personal data gets used and by not offering customers control over their personal data. This leads to brand reputation damage and heightened risk of data privacy regulatory violations. Through our enterprise consent and preference management (ECPM) software, as well as our customer data platform (CDP), you can:

  • Give customers the transparency and control they demand
  • Honor the purpose of customer data at every stage of the customer relationship
  • Address data privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA

Learn more about SAP Enterprise Consent and Preference Management.

Learn more about SAP Customer Data Platform.

SAP has designed a cloud-native platform with elevated abilities to help your business increase acquisition, retention, and loyalty. It ingests and processes the massive amounts of customer data across your enterprise. Through its data governance and data privacy capabilities, you can honor the purpose of customer data at every stage of the customer relationship. With its real-time data activation, you can fuel accurate and in-the-moment engagement across every single touch point – online and offline.

Learn more about SAP Customer Data Platform.

The three key customer data management points for navigating GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, or any other data privacy regulation are:

  • Providing transparency into how you collect and process customer data by presenting clear requests for consent, managing those requests as business needs change, and storing consent data in a searchable and audit-ready repository
  • Giving customers control over their personal data and addressing the data subject access rights detailed in the applicable regulations
  • Honoring the purpose of customer data collection and processing at every stage of the customer relationship

Learn more about addressing data privacy regulatory requirements.

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