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SAP TechEd News Guide 2022

Ensuring Quality and Compliance

Simply put, quality and compliance are fundamental to business success. SAP continues to innovate on compliance to give customers the freedom to focus on core business results, while quality process enhancements take performance to the next level. Developments at SAP TechEd include innovations to help customers advance their sustainable operations, increase collaboration potential to improve supply-chain resilience, and leverage embedded AI evolutions to improve asset quality.

Streamline with SAP Document and Reporting Compliance

The SAP Document and Reporting Compliance solution helps customers fulfil local compliance mandates, from filing and storing electronic business documents to statutory reporting. The solution enables enterprises to automate and standardize compliance processes.


Enhancements include:

  • Integration with the SAP Human Capital Management for SAP S/4HANA solution and spend management solutions – including SAP Business Network, Concur Expense and Concur Invoice solutions – lets tax experts manage compliance centrally across all their solutions. The integration extends regulatory relief as a service, helping organizations respond to new and evolving regulations. As a result, customers can minimize the risk of non-compliance and reduce implementation costs, enabling them to focus on strategic differentiators for their business.
  • Localization is being further expanded to comply with more than 10 regulations emerging globally in 2022 and 2023, including e-invoicing regulations in Poland, France, and Japan.
  • Putting sustainability in focus with the SAP Responsible Design and Production solution, which helps users comply with plastic packaging taxes and extended producer responsibility (EPR) declarations. This enables organizations to scale compliance and respond efficiently to emerging tax requirements, helping them operate sustainably while optimizing their supply chains.

Learn more about SAP Document and Reporting Compliance



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Manage risk and control frameworks with SAP Financial Compliance Management

SAP announces enhancements to the SAP Financial Compliance Management application, including the integration of a new GRC Risk Response service. GRC Content Hub service is now also available, providing customers with a unified reference library for content packages created by SAP partners.


With this new integration, customers have a public cloud service for governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) for both internal controls and risk management within the same solution. The service lets customers document their risks and link them to controls. Customers can perform risk assessments directly in SAP Financial Compliance Management and manage the interdependence between risk and control as well as the impact of these interdependences on the business.


Integration with SAP S/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA Cloud provides customers with a single, low total cost of ownership solution to manage their risk and control framework. The service supports increased control automation and embedded compliance within SAP S/4HANA, thereby enabling a direct immediate association to risk and business consequence with contextualized reporting.


Additionally, GRC Content Hub brings together content for GRC solutions and significant libraries of content for cloud GRC solutions from partners in a single “shopping mall” on the SAP Store site. Businesses using SAP Financial Compliance Management will have one place to go for content written by subject-matter experts — on, for example, regulatory compliance requirements —and deployed automatically into their instance.


Read the road map here



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New SAP Quality Issue Resolution solution streamlines digital supply chains

SAP announces SAP Quality Issue Resolution solution, a cloud solution that allows engineers to collaborate with external suppliers and other stakeholders. The solution provides a collaboration area for users to solve issues jointly following a standardized problem-solving process.


Quality issues related to data and its documentation – including tasks and status details – are accessible in a single area, streamlining the problem-solving process and improving efficiency.


Key features of the solution include:

  • Time-saving collaboration capabilities along the problem-solving process
  • Support for customers and suppliers using the predefined Eight Disciplines Methodology (8D)
  • Tight integration with quality management functionality from SAP, allowing systematic processing and increased transparency
  • Guided root-cause analysis, including the 5 whys method
  • Status indicators to keep stakeholders informed
  • Monitoring of the success of corrective and preventive actions


Learn more about SAP Quality Issue Resolution.

It´s available on SAP Store here.



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SAP solutions for cell and gene therapy orchestration

SAP announces its new SAP Cell and Gene Therapy Orchestration solution to help life sciences companies orchestrate various processes and maintain quality along the highly complex cell and gene therapy supply chain.


The solution, which will be launched in January 2023, provides a future-ready SaaS solution to address key cell and gene therapy industrialization challenges. It helps to orchestrate supply chain execution and connect business processes to create greater visibility, reduce cycle time and overall operational costs. By ensuring the chain of identity and chain of custody, it enables regulatory compliance and provides visibility to the product journey across the supply chain – and helps clinical and commercial stage cell and gene therapy manufacturers ensure that the right patient is treated with the right product, at the right time, with zero error in the value chain.


Learn more about life science offerings at SAP.  



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SAP and Catena-X improve quality and sustainability practices for the automotive industry

SAP is one of the founders of the Catena-X Automotive Network (Catena-X), an automotive partner alliance formed to create a uniform standard for information and data-sharing throughout the automotive value chain. With the new SAP Industry Network for Automotive packages, SAP will provide network-enabled solutions and traceability capabilities for Catena-X.


Manufacturers can use the packages to track quality issues back to the root cause more efficiently and precisely. Important product information, such as compliance certificates and CO2 emission data, flows through the supply chain in a secure way. This provides better insight into sustainability performance based on real data and helps to identify carbon reduction potentials. In addition, SAP optimizes the end-of-life treatment of vehicles and their parts, down to the raw materials, with help of digital twin information. A secondary marketplace is the key to closing the loop within the automotive industry and enabling the second life of these recycled materials.


Together with Catena-X, SAP helps to create more sustainable, more resilient, and more efficient supply chains.


Read more about chasing zero with SAP Industry Network for Automotive and enabling a circular economy through industry network collaboration



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SAP AI powers new predictive maintenance solutions

SAP announces enhancements to the SAP Asset Performance Management application, software that provides predictive asset health modeling capabilities — such as failure-curve analytics — to customers by embedding the SAP AI Core infrastructure.


With the application’s new embedded AI capabilities, businesses using SAP Asset Performance Management can apply predictive modelling capabilities to better monitor and predict the health of their equipment and be more proactive in their maintenance planning.


Additionally, customers can leverage their existing AI or machine learning investments and bring their own code or models in to scale or accelerate their predictive maintenance activities. New monthly releases will enable extensibility using custom code and models, as well as out-of-box anomaly detection.


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