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Ιστορίες Πελατών 

A customer-shaped bank

Offering microloans to budding entrepreneurs, particularly women, Compartamos was quickly able to make a difference. But they had a much bigger goal – to eradicate financial exclusion – so they needed help from SAP.

Together, they made a plan to reach people where they live, often traveling to remote communities. The next step was to help the people adopt unfamiliar digital technology.

Now, supported by SAP mobile solutions, customers can bank from anywhere using their smart phones. The bank's customer base is growing rapidly – and the bank continues to offer new services, thanks to reliable and scalable technology from SAP.

Helping the world run better

An inspired solution

Together, SAP and Compartamos found a way to help people cross the digital divide: mobile banking. With bank accounts accessible from the palms of their hands, more people are able to take advantage of services previously beyond their grasp.

A better outcome

With access to micro loans and other financial services, people are improving their standard of living. Street vendors are transformed into shop owners. Entire communities prosper as individuals contribute more to the economy.

A better industry

Driven by purpose, Compartamos is setting an example for the industry – as a caring friend, not a faceless institution. Their customer-centric culture and use of innovative technology allows them to reach the previously excluded "unbanked" - and change peoples' lives.

A better world

When no longer "unbanked", millions of people stand a better chance to break the cycle of poverty. By taking care of the unbanked, Compartamos and SAP are following the advice given by Mother Teresa – and helping make the world a better place.

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