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Supplier Network for SAP Fieldglass Solutions

SAP Fieldglass is a cloud-based, open vendor management system (VMS) that helps organizations find, engage, and manage their external workforce and services procurement resources. SAP Fieldglass solutions enable us to deliver comprehensive, industry-leading service procurement solutions to our customers and are central to SAP´s overall cloud strategy.  


Support Requests

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Requests, work orders, or procurement operations

For support related to requests, work orders, or other procurement operations–related activities, please contact the procurement help desk:



  • EMEA: +49-6227-747255
  • AMERICAS: +49 6227 77 88 70
  • APJ: +49 6227 77 88 70



Supplier invoice and payment status

For support related to supplier invoice and payment status, contact accounts payable:


C-user ID management, temp staff, or general external worker processes

For questions on C-user ID management, temp staff, or general external worker processes:

  • Global toll number and main contact number for the external workforce center: + 49 6227 7 78894
  • North America toll free number: 1-855-727-2020
  • North America local toll number: 1-610-325-6556
  • EMEA toll number: +420 25711 8688

Technical support for SAP Fieldglass

For technical support on SAP Fieldglass solutions, contact our help desk:

Supplier account setup for SAP Fieldglass

For support related to supplier account setup for SAP Fieldglass, contact:

Additional Resources

Videos and Documentation

Quick Reference Guides

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Accepting statements of work (SOWs) and adding workers

 (services procurement)

Submitting events and SOW line items for approval

Responding to job postings

(services procurement)

Accepting work orders

(services pocurement)

Creating accounts and completing onboarding


Completing time and expense sheets


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