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Enterprise Data Management Software

Integrate, transform, and improve your enterprise data and make it available for real-time innovation.

Transform your data into a trusted, ever-ready resource for business insight – and use it to streamline processes and maximize efficiency.

  • On-premise deployment
  • Data quality and integration
  • Intuitive user interfaces 
  • Simplified maintenance

Key Benefits

Access data for a broader perspective

Gain contextual insight and unlock the true value of your data. Create a complete view of your information by accessing data of any size and from any source. 

Achieve excellence in information management

Improve decision-making and operational efficiency by standardizing, correcting, and matching data to reduce duplicates, identify relationships, and correct quality issues proactively.

Connect data to discover insights

Connect critical data on premise, in the cloud, or within Big Data. Use intuitive tools to integrate operational, analytical, machine-generated, and geographic data.

Key Capabilities

Universal data access

Access and integrate all enterprise data sources and targets (SAP and non-SAP) with built-in, native connectors.

Native-text data processing

Unlock meaning from unstructured text data to increase business insight.

Intuitive business user interfaces

Standardize, correct, and match data with ease to reduce duplicates and identify relationships.

Data quality dashboards

Show the impact of data quality issues across all downstream systems or applications.

Simplified data governance

Transform all types of data with a centralized business rule repository and object reuse.

High performance and scalability

Meet high-volume needs by enabling parallel processing, grid computing, and bulk data loading. 

Accelerate your move to SAP S/4HANA

Cleanse data with SAP Data Services before converting to SAP S/4HANA and run your business based on reliable data. SAP Data Services to can accelerate ERP data extraction, cleansing, transformation, and integration for new implementations of SAP S/4HANA or system consolidations. 

Pricing and Packaging

SAP Data Services is sold by the number of physical or virtual CPU cores used. This approach allows you to get the exact processing power you need to meet enterprise data integration and data quality requirements.

Build a business case

SAP named a leader in enterprise information management

Explore why Gartner ranked SAP as a solution leader across multiple categories of enterprise information management.

Drive technical innovation though resource management

Learn how Nornickel connects the world’s largest nickel and palladium mines to their headquarters to make faster business decisions. 

Security and Compliance

Data security

Focus on your business and customer relationships with a proactive, predictive approach to maintaining compliance and data security in the cloud and within an on-premise data center.

Data protection and privacy

Support the rights of employees, applicants, customers, suppliers, partners, and others with SAP solutions to manage data ownership, security, and privacy. 


Find out how SAP regularly undergoes external reviews and audits to check compliance and supports data security and privacy regulations worldwide.

Transform your business with SAP Services and Support

Evolve your business with services and support from SAP – your trusted adviser for digital transformation strategy and execution.

Simplify and accelerate your digital transformation

Secure critical business processes on your path to innovation and digital transformation with holistic, end-to-end service support that reflects over 40 years of unparalleled knowledge, experience, and innovation.

Transform your business with unparalleled service support

Close the gap between your digital transformation strategy and execution with innovation discovery, digital strategy, and business transformation services from a trusted adviser that knows SAP software best.

Additional Products

Looking for more enterprise information management products to meet your business needs?

SAP Information Steward

Maximize data integrity with the combination of data profiling, data lineage, and metadata management tools provides continuous insight into your enterprise data model.

SAP Replication Server

Power real-time data integration and movement across your enterprise with our proven data replication software from SAP.

SAP Master Data Governance

Consolidate and govern your master data and ensure data quality and consistency across your organization with the SAP Master Data Governance application.

Partner Finder

Benefit from specialist expertise to guide your SAP project. SAP partners provide service and support to help ensure you meet your enterprise goals.

Advance your strategy with SAP-certified solutions

Find SAP partners and independent software vendors that can build SAP-certified, prepackaged solutions to help extend the functionality of your SAP products.

Engage certified outsourcing service partners

Identify certified partners who can operate and run productive installations on your behalf – from cloud and mobile services to application management.

Enhance your project with leading technology

Browse a list of our leading global vendors of hardware, database, storage system, network, and mobile computing technology to support your implementation.

Why SAP Training?

Empower your end users with world-class training courses, enablement solutions, and certification programs from SAP.

Take advantage of free online courses with openSAP

Learn about SAP innovations when, where, and how you want – free of charge – with a flexible, fun, and engaging learning experience through gamification.

Access learning content with SAP Learning Hub

Get instant, unlimited access to a variety of high-quality learning content and online learning rooms – enhanced with social learning and peer collaboration.

Empower your help desk with our course directory

Boost technology proficiency across your help desk organization by creating a comprehensive training plan with a choice of live, mobile, or online courses.

Validate your expertise with SAP certifications

Allow your customer support agents to sharpen their SAP skills and add to their personal knowledge base with a variety of certification options from SAP. 

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