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SAP Connected Goods

Connected Goods Features and Benefits

Simplify how you obtain real-time product insights in a connected world with SAP Connected Goods software.

Customer engagement

  • Gain visibility into product performance and consumption trends across regions, business partners, etc.
  • Get insight on product utilization and usage patterns
  • Analyze relevant consumption or utilization patterns to detect anomalies and deviation

Product inventory optimization

Enable inventory replenishment by monitoring stock levels and triggering relevant actions in SAP business systems
  • Automate inventory replenishment by monitoring stock levels and triggering relevant actions
  • Enable vendor-managed product inventory replenishment (VMI)
  • Simplify customer-managed product inventory replenishment 

Insight to action

Correlate marketing campaign data with real-time product consumption and customer interaction information
  • Analyze effectiveness of SAP Hybris marketing campaigns
  • Correlate campaign start and end dates with real-time customer interactions and product consumption patterns
  • Increase customer satisfaction by forecasting product availability and ensuring adequate product supply

Geo-location contextualization

Ensure that the right products are placed in the right locations
  • Analyze customer interactions with the products to optimize product placement
  • Correlate products to business partners based on location
  • Identify unauthorized movement of products and devices 

SAP Software Accessibility

Product Road Map

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