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SAP BusinessObjects Live Office

Deliver up-to-the-minute business intelligence in Microsoft Office documents

Integrate business intelligence directly into your familiar Microsoft Office environment – with SAP BusinessObjects Live Office. Embed trusted, refreshable information from any data source into documents, spreadsheets, and presentations – and easily share insight across your organization.

Why SAP BusinessObjects Live Office?

SAP BusinessObjects Live Office is an add-on for Microsoft Office applications that gives you access to up-to-date information stored in the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform.


Support confident business decisions based on current, accurate

Share trusted data for collaborative decision making while maintaining

Eliminate time-wasting debates over data accuracy


Product capabilities

Learn more about SAP BusinessObjects Live Office:

Provide shareable documents

Publish Microsoft Office documents to SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions for instant access over the Web

Perform formatting and calculations

Format and perform calculations using familiar features of Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word

Deliver Business Intelligence in Microsoft Outlook

Embed BI directly in your e-mail messages using Microsoft Outlook

Provide trusted information

Display data in documents from the same trusted source that supports your organization’s business intelligence platform

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