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SAP HANA 2.0, express edition Troubleshooting

By Daniel Wroblewski

Troubleshoot common installation issues.

How-To Details

Perform these steps to resolve issues when installing SAP HANA 2.0, express edition.

Issue — HDB Daemon not Running

You are installing SAP HANA, express edition on a Linux server using hdblcm. You receive this error:

Cannot start system.
Start instance 00 on host ‘’ failed.
FAIL: process hdbdaemon HDB Daemon not running.


Use zypper to check the util-linux, util-linux-systemd and uuidd packages to make sure they are at these versions:

zypper info util-linux util-linux-systemd uuidd

The results need to show that you have at least the following versions installed:
util-linux: util-linux-2.25-22.1
uuidd : uuidd-2.25-22
util-linux-systemd: 2.25-22.1

If you are missing any of the packages, or if the versions are outdated, install them using the zypper install command.

Check that socket activation is enabled and started. In a shell enter:

systemctl status uuidd.socket

If the status is inactive, start socket activation:

systemctl start uuidd.socket

Issue — Virtual Machine: Checking Resource Usage

You are having memory issues on your VM and want to check resource usage.


If you have HANA studio, right-click on the system and select Configuration and Monitoring > Open Administration and check the Overview and Landscape tabs for anything in red.

If you don’t have HANA Studio, run the following queries in hdbsql to view SAP HANA resource usage:

select service_name, round(effective_allocation_limit/1024/1024/1024, 1) as MemLimit, round(total_memory_used_size/1024/1024/1024,1) as MemUsed from m_service_memory;

If the MemUsed is close to the MemLimit, you may encounter problems allocating memory.

Alternatively, you can run the Linux free command at the command line to see free resources:

free -g

The key number is in the second row (-/+ buffers/cache) in the free column. If this number is low, (e.g. 0 GB) you may have run out of memory when performing your recent operation.

You can also run the following command to see if you are running out of disk space on the VM’s filesystem:

df -h

Look for the Use% for the /dev/sda1 filesystem. If it is down to just a few GB, you may have run out of disk space when performing your recent operation.

Issue — SAP HANA XS Applications Run Error

You are trying to run a SAP HANA service on your SAP HANA 2.0, express edition installation and are receiving an error.


Log in to your SAP HANA 2.0, express edition installation as hxeadm.

sudo su -l <sid>adm

Check which services are enabled on your machine:

xs apps

This operation may take 1-2 minutes to return the list of apps. You should see the following:

XS Apps

If the service you’re trying to use is shown as STOPPED, start it:

xs start <app>

It may take a few minutes for the system to get started. Run xs apps again to see if the app has started and that under instances the app shows 1/1.

Issue — Download Manager Shows Error

Error: Failed to concatenate downloaded files

You are downloading packages using the Download Manager. The Status area and Progress Detail area show the error Failed to concatenate downloaded files.


Check the log file for details. The log file is in the Temp directory:

Linux: /tmp/hxedm[yymmdd].log

Windows: %TEMP%\hxedm_[yymmdd].log

If the log indicates a simple issue such as lack of disk space or file permissions, fix the problem and download again.

If the problem is less obvious, do the following:

Go to the Save directory. Delete all downloaded files, including incomplete download files. Download again.


Change the Save directory. Download again.

Issue — Locate Download Manager Log File

You are downloading packages using the Download Manager when you terminate Download Manager before download completes, or Download Manager quits unexpectedly.


Check the log file for details. The log file is in the Temp directory:

Linux: /tmp/hxedm[yymmdd].log

Windows: %TEMP%\hxedm_[yymmdd].log

Issue — Unable to Obtain an `IPv4` Address in `VMware`

Issue: You are unable to obtain an IPv4 hxehost IP address. You are using a VMware hypervisor.

VMware defaults to bridged networking. You may need to adjust VMware's network adapter settings in certain circumstances.

If you are behind a proxy or a firewall, your institution’s network may prevent VMware from assigning an IPv4 address when you attempt to locate your hxehost IP address.


  1. In VMware, change your network adapter settings from Bridged to NAT.

  2. Wait a few minutes.

  3. At the command prompt, enter sudo ifconfig to see if an IPv4 address is now assigned. You do not need to restart your VM.

Issue — `VMware` Fusion on `Mac OS X`: `hxexsa.ova` Installation Fails

Issue: You use VMware Fusion on Mac OS X. You import and start hxexsa.ova. You receive an error message.

This error displays: “XSA cockpit apps failed to start at this point of time. Please retry by running script”


  • Shut down the instance.

  • Re-import hxexsa.ova.

  • Start SAP HANA 2.0, express edition installation again, and this time choose to run XSA configuration in the background.

Issue — Upgrade Script Hangs While Upgrading VM Installation

Issue: When you run, you notice the upgrade hangs.

Solution: The VM is low on memory. Run the hxe_gc memory management script.

  1. Open a new terminal to your VM.

  2. Run the memory management script.

    The hxe_gc memory management script frees up available VM memory.

    • In your VM, log in as hxeadm and enter:
    cd /usr/sap/HXE/home/bin
    • Execute:
    • When prompted for System database user (SYSTEM) password, enter the New HANA database master password you specified during SAP HANA, express edition installation.

    The cleanup process runs. The command prompt returns when the cleanup process is finished.

Next Steps

Updated 03/04/2018

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