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SAP Leonardo - IoT Innovation Portfolio

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The webinar will introduce the participants with SAP Leonardo: Innovation portfolio and jump start enablement program.

Following through on SAP’s recently announced commitment to invest €2 billion in IoT over five years, the IoT portfolio combines adaptive applications, Big Data applications and connectivity in packaged solutions across line-of-business and industry use cases ranging from connected products, assets and infrastructure to vehicle fleets, markets and people.
Our speaker:
  • Ashutosh Kumar, Chief Business Consultant, IoT and Digital Experience, SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG
Veranstaltungskategorie Veranstaltung von SAP
Art der Veranstaltung Online – Aufzeichnung
Sprache Englisch
Zielgruppe Leaders, managers and experts from business, information technology and operational technologies teams at customers or partners.
Veranstaltungsort Berlin
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