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Change Resistance Awareness

  • August 25, 2020
  • Online - Live
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Event Overview

Change is the new normal.

Understanding and overcoming resistance to change is the critical driver towards massively transforming innovation according to broad consensus in research.

Our mind is our most powerful asset in the world of data and disruption – we are what we think and we guide our success within the environment of new technologies and innovation by our mindset.

If you want to change you need to change your own mind first and only then you can help others change their mind.

Leading Others Through Change is THE most critical leadership responsibility.

You need to dedicate considerable effort in seeking everybody’s commitment in a shared response to change, while also ensuring that nobody is be left behind.

Your active participation is of highest importance - your system will never change unless you also change.

Event Category
SAP Event
Event Type
Online - Live
Featured Speaker(s)
Jacob Amadeus Hornberger, Change Enablement Associate, SAP Customer Success, SAP Denmark
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