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Customer COE: Incident Solution Matching - What is AI Driven Support and How Does This Improve Your SAP Product Support Experience

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What is AI driven support and how does this improve SAP product support experience / ISM?

Incident solution matching is a new service from SAP based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology that helps customers get relevant answers to technical questions faster. As a central part of our machine learning–empowered support process, it proposes solutions automatically within the incident creation form within SAP ONE Support Launchpad so customers can find relevant SAP Notes and SAP Knowledge Base Articles quickly without searching manually. Compared to classical tools, this new AI service accelerates the process of finding relevant solutions by learning from past incidents.

To find solutions to your issue in one quick step, simply access your SAP ONE Support Launchpad and describe your issue as concisely as possible within the incident creation form. You will automatically receive possible solutions ranked in order of relevance.


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