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Webinar series: Smart solutions and integrations for SAP

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CIDEON’s portfolio expedites and optimizes your SAP PLM processes, and connects with CAD and CAE

Integrated automated data and processes are the basic prerequisites for efficient engineering. In our webinar series, we will demonstrate how you can use the CIDEON product portfolio to reproduce your processes in a completely digital and automated manner, thus enabling increasingly complex and more customized products at a very high quality within a shorter time frame.

This webinar series is intended for design engineers and department heads, and demonstrates the simple implementation and huge benefits of process automation solutions in their usual work environment. The prerequisite is the use of SAP in the company.

Please set aside the following dates:

Webinar 4: Collaborate + Process

8th June, at 3pm CET
Status change – verification – inheritance – process support for SAP PLM
  • The CIDEON Naming Catalog, Document Creation Wizard and other add-ons make SAP transactions more user-friendly and facilitate the comprehensive management of all company data.
  • This allows you to achieve an even higher degree of automation, which will benefit both your product quality and time resources.
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