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Exploring Business Model Innovation with SAP Services

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"This webinar will take you through the execution of the IDC Maturity Stage Assessments that will provide you benchmarking information regarding your organisation's maturity in the digital journey.

These assessments will benchmark your answers to 600+ other companies in EMEA and MEE.

The webinar will take you through what is required to fulfill this assessment and what possible next steps you can have, including applying Digital Business Model Innovation techniques."

Veranstaltungskategorie SAP-Veranstaltung
Art der Veranstaltung Online – Aufzeichnung
Sprache Englisch
Zielgruppe This webinar provides digital and innovation leaders in any organisation the ability to plan activities to understand how do they stand in the market, in regards to digital maturity.
Top-Referent(en) Jose Luis Carvalho, Consulting Director, SAP SE - Kay Hradilak, Chief Business Consultant, SAP SE
Veranstaltungsort Deutschland
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