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Develop for profitability with Product Lifecycle Costing

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Learn in this webinar, the new SAP HANA solution to adopt lean and collaborative product cost calculation processes, that increases efficiency due to reuse of iterative processes and calculation templates. Reduce product costs by calculation simulations with different preferences and manufacturing locations. Adopt new design for profitability processes across different lines of business and thereby connect Design and Manufacturing.
Veranstaltungskategorie SAP-Veranstaltung
Art der Veranstaltung Online – Aufzeichnung
Sprache Englisch
Zielgruppe IT-, Department-, Project- and Process responsible for Product Development, Product calculation, Product management, CAD and CAx Systems.
Top-Referent(en) Jochen Koch, Center of Excellence SAP PLM, SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG
Veranstaltungsort Deutschland
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