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Customer Snapshot: Overview

>800 titles published per month

Transitioning to the digital age is a challenge for a print company’s consumer product division as well as its back-end support systems. Instead of shrinking from this opportunity, Harlequin embraced it, becoming one of the first publishers to take their content digital. 

Harlequin Sales Corp

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Implementation Partners
Aasonn LLC

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SAP Solutions
SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite

Buffalo, New York, USA

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Wholesale Distribution

Not content with stopping there, Harlequin’s USA sales and distribution center saw the opportunity to Run Simple, transforming their internal HR processes, cutting paperwork and reducing the time & resources needed to process it.

Customer Snapshot: History

Today, Harlequin combines 10 highly recognizable imprints, a global reach, a highly successful reader service, an innovative website and forward-looking technology (eBooks, downloadable audio, mobile phone applications) that places it at the forefront of women's fiction and continues to position Harlequin for growth.

Harlequin publishes more than 110 titles a month in 34 languages in 102 international markets on six continents. The books are written by over 1,300 talented authors worldwide and regularly occupy spots on the New York Times and USA TODAY bestseller lists.

Harlequin has sold ~6.38 billion books since 1949

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Continuing to Raise the Bar

Harlequin creates entertaining and enriching experiences for women to enjoy and share, driving its success and letting it push the boundaries – launching new stories, reaching new readers, and offering new formats. Harlequin’s vision is to be a leading global publisher of great reading entertainment for women.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Laying the Foundation for a Great Place to Work

At Harlequin, the company believes in engaging the right people through attracting, retaining, developing and motivating talented individuals. Strategy is shared and is top-of-mind across the organization. Their working environment promotes communication, with open-door management styles and cross-departmental project teams. The environment is respectful and supportive and they encourage creativity and innovation.

Harlequin’s guiding principles—Put the Customer First, Do What’s Right, Communicate Openly, Make It Happen, Innovate and Raise the Bar, and Respect People and Develop Their Potential—lay the foundation for a great place to work.

Worldwide in 2014, Harlequin sold about 3 books per second

The Challenge

Focus on the Employees, not the Paperwork

With 210 full-time and hourly employees, maintaining a strong corporate ideology that fosters growth, collaboration and supporting the potential of its staff was a major challenge. They realized that automating the paper-based performance management system while remaining true to its overall mission would allow them to simplify HR processes and better align individual employee goals with company values. Additionally, they were eager to adopt a cloud-based system to minimize on-site support and costs.

Enter SAP

Automation Does the Math So HR Can Focus on People

In looking at the HR cloud-based options, only SAP was able to “do the math” that Harlequin was doing manually. With Aasonn as a knowledgeable partner, Harlequin Sales Corp was able to optimize their integration of SuccessFactors® solutions. Aasonn helped the company customize goal plans and performance forms for two separate buckets of employees with different features and needs for each.

Supervisors report 40% increase in HR efficiencies

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

A Full-Service Support System

The company goals include concrete targets for production and service, so conducting the performance evaluation process is a high priority for HR. SuccessFactors cloud-based solutions helped eliminate the need to enter performance numbers by hand-in spreadsheets, freeing up time and making the evaluation process more objective. SuccessFactors solutions now manage all aspects of data analysis, evaluating subcategories of criteria, manipulating percentages, and delivering unbiased reviews. Salaried employees even have the option to self-review electronically in the system. This customized cloud solution supports Harlequin’s unique and successful performance culture.

Better Business

Helping HR Read Between the Lines with Cloud-Based Solutions

SuccessFactors software makes performance management significantly easier for everybody across the board and especially for the HR team. I’m not taking home stacks of performance reviews to read anymore. — Marylou Domino, Director of Human Resources, Harlequin Sales Corporation

Better Business: Run Simple

Supporting a Reputation of Innovation

With Cloud-Based employee evaluation systems in place, Harlequin holds its position at the head of the publishing world. Supporting a culture of innovation, creativity and teamwork, Harlequin Sales Corp. can now focus on what matters most: bringing stories to life and supporting the dreams of employees and readers to live happily ever after.

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