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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Attracts 50,000-70,000 interactive online spectators

Sailing can be a solitary experience, but when the Olympic dreams of a nation are riding on your performance, the support of a team and fans can help you reach your goal. Sailing Team Germany recognized that a Run Simple approach through advancements in analytics and GPS technology could help sailors run simulations, analyze real-time performance, and demystify the sport for fans, helping them build a bigger fan base and a stronger team.

Sailing Team Germany

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Marketing, Platform and Technology

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SAP Business ByDesign, SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) solutions, SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Sailing Analytics


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Run Simple, Run Live. Sports

Customer Snapshot: History

Sailing Champions at the Helm

Germany was a major force in the world’s sailing community in the 1980s; but after that, several other countries eclipsed it. Some German sailors, including former Olympians, recently decided to change this. Noting that German sailors and crews were essentially on their own to prepare for races, they formed an initiative called Sailing Team Germany to provide the support needed for Germany and its best sailors to rise again to the highest levels of the Olympic sport of sailing.

The challenge is to turn an individual sport into a team sport.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

To Be the Best, Partner With the Best

The goal is set: Putting Germany among the most successful sailing nations in the world. The German Sailing Association (DSV), leading German sailing clubs and important personalities from economy and sports founded the Sailing Team Germany in 2009.The first German national sailing team, the Audi Sailing Team Germany, sponsors the best German sailors and supports its members in diverse matters. The premium partners AUDI AG and SAP AG support the initiative with non-cash and cash benefits.

The Challenge

The Search for a Competitive Edge

The visual simplicity with which a sailboat slices through the water as it races toward the finish line is the result of a myriad complex threads synchronizing in perfect harmony. These data points are felt intuitively by experienced racers, but with the help of technology, those threads can be analyzed and manipulated to maximize performance.

Sailing Team Germany looked to SAP to help them meet this challenge head on, hoping to set a clear course to the finish line at the 2016 Olympics.

Simplify to reap the biggest benefits of a technological solution.

Enter SAP

Clearing a Path for Smooth Sailing Ahead

Sailing Team Germany began to work closely with SAP to deploy SAP® Sailing Analytics software for sailing and the SAP Business ByDesign® solution for the back office. Together, they co-developed applications to simplify daily training, training analysis and to study ocean currents in the Olympic sailing area.

SAP was at the top of our list. We knew that technology was a key factor if we wanted to be successful and that SAP is a technological leader. After a couple of meetings, it was clear that there is a lot of technology SAP can deliver to help our sailors win. — Oliver Schwall, former world champion and CEO of Sailing Team Germany

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Leaving No Variable Unexamined

The team’s boats and courses were equipped with GPS devices and sensors to collect data on wind speed and direction, ocean currents, and other factors. Using this data, SAP developed SAP Sailing Analytics using in-memory computing (SAP HANA) to create simulations and forecasts for the optimization of competition results, all in real-time. Together with Sailing Team Germany, SAP developed additional apps such as a training diary to track how sailors are spending their time and one that helps them track currents in specific locales around the world for future competitions.

Better Business


Real-time insights deliver better performance and more engaged fans.

One fantastic takeaway of SAP Sailing Analytics is that even people who have no big affinity or background in sailing can understand what is going on. — Oliver Schwall, CEO, Sailing Team Germany

Better Business: Benefits


Breaking Down The Complexities of Sailing

SAP helps Sailing Team Germany collect a multitude of data points to analyze sailing from every angle.

Better Business: Run Simple

SAP Boosts Performance Inside & Out

In addition to delivering key data that led to performance enhancements and demystifying the sport for fans, SAP also implemented SAP Business ByDesign to support Sailing Team Germany’s backbone in areas such as finance and accounting.

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