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Customer Snapshot: Overview

70% decrease in capital expenditures

Knowing that businesses all over the globe trust EMC Corporation to help them store, manage and analyze their data with agility and efficiency—makes it safe to call EMC data technology experts. Ever wonder then, whom an exponentially growing expert turns to when they need to strengthen their own complex IT infrastructure?

EMC Corporation

US$24.4 billion

Number of Employees

High Tech

Hopkinton, Massachusetts, USA

Customer Website

Line of Business
Finance, Platform and Technology

SAP Solutions
SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, SAP Business Warehouse, SAP ERP, SAP HANA, SAP IQ

Customer Snapshot: History

Technology Industry Leader

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Global IT Services, Expansive Growth

EMC Corporation’s infrastructure size speaks volumes about their growth rate – or should we say speaks petabytes. From 960 terabytes to 22 petabytes to be more specific. Having evolved into such a massive global enterprise that required doubling employees in just a few years, they are committed to helping organizations of all sizes deliver exceptional IT services.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Being a Leader in IT Capabilities

With EMC’s massive size and sprawling numbers of disconnected departments and processes, many through acquisitions, it was easy see the need for IT transformation. EMC needed an integrated virtual enterprise system that would give them visibility and access to all departments and processes at the same time, from the same platform.

In turn, optimizing their own systems would truly allow them to share their IT expertise with their customers. Delivering new technology for storing and sharing information, redesigning business processes, and responding to customer requests quickly with agile deployments are all things they need to provide to their customers as the demand for integrated systems keeps growing.

The Challenge

Unleashing Their Own Potential

EMC knew they needed help unlocking the complexity in leveraging technology to manage massive amounts of data and improve processes. For instance, within their legacy ERP environment, financial forecasts would take 12 hours to complete. Not having real-time forecasting was just one of many roadblocks to hurdle in becoming more efficient and agile.

Top Objectives for EMC


the legacy ERP infrastructure


business forecasts. in same-day and with better insight

Keep pace

with their exponential growth and offer innovative products


growing data volumes cost-effectively and sustainability

The Challenge: The SAP Experience

Solutions with Thrust

EMC named their worldwide initiative PROPEL, which would involve over 500 employees, consultants and system integrators to deploy SAP solutions in stages to complete their transformation. SAP HANA would give them the power they needed in a new ERP system, and SAP Business Planning and Consolidation powered by HANA would end their forecasting woes with expedience and efficiency.

Better Business

Surprising Savings and Virtual Space

Before EMC could start their transition, SAP IQ was deployed to reduce sizes of data sets and move them from Oracle — and with SAP IQ using near-line storage, EMC saved deployment costs for SAP HANA. Only taking about 300GB of space to implement SAP BPC powered by SAP HANA also meant EMC saved significant costs by using existing hardware. And, virtual deployment meant EMC was freed from a dedicated physical space, opening up infinite options for flexibility within their global infrastructure.

Better Business: Benefits

Numbers Speak on a Grand Scale

You might remember our earlier example of the 12-hour business forecast. By migrating SAP BPC onto SAP HANA, EMC shortened their forecasting time to 3 hours. Now, in one day, EMC can generate multiple scenarios in their forecasting, creating game-changing planning capabilities for their executives and analysts—and maybe even more importantly, allowing employees to focus on other critical areas of business.

Some Major Benefits Realized:

4x faster

monthly forecast reports

75% faster

data loading on SAP HANA

100% increase

in daily batch loads, improving data quality

40% increase

in ROI

Better Business: Run Simple

Virtualized Reality

Using a long-term solution built sustainability into EMC’s capabilities. Now, as volumes of data a customer demands are ever growing, EMC can respond with the right solution at the right time, thanks to the real-time power that SAP HANA offers.

Virtualizing the SAP HANA platform has allowed us to smash our preexisting performance service-level agreements while still maintaining a hybrid cloud strategy and reducing infrastructure demand. – Michael Harding, Lead SAP Technical Architect, EMC IT, EMC Corporation
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