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Customer Snapshot: Overview

2x growth in 3 years

As a developer, engineer, manufacturer, and installer of façades and load-bearing constructions in aluminum and steel, the Oskomera Group is committed to offering sustainability in a balanced package of products and services—and to constructing buildings that help protect people from fire, explosion, bullets, and burglaries.


€181 million (2012)

Number of Employees

Implementation Partner URL

Engineering, Construction, & Ops

Deurne, Netherlands

Customer Website

Implementation Partners
Dimensys Business Solutions

Line of Business
Finance, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Service, Supply Chain

SAP Solutions
SAP Business All-in-One, SAP ERP, SAP for EC&O

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

All Under One Umbrella

A full service provider, Oskomera operates as a specialized main or ancillary contractor to provide its clients with a broad and sustainable package of products and services.


We deliver all activities in-house.


We have doubled in the last 3 years!

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy


A Culture for the People

Our culture is a culture with each other and for each other.

The Challenge

Controlling Every Detail—and Avoiding Mistakes

Oskomera’s current market increasingly demands customer-specific sustainable solutions. For Oskomera, that means developing products that are economical, environmentally friendly, and user safe for generations to come. The large quantities of resources required to deliver an Oskomera project too often resulted in duplication of work and alarmingly high rate of mistakes, which drove up costs. 

This identified the need for efficient time-monitoring, fiscal reporting, processes and product manufacturing.

The more complex your activities are, the more you need a system that lets you say, ‘Yes, we are in control.’

Enter SAP

Like Oskomera, SAP Delivers from Start to Finish

After systematically working their way through various software packages, Oskomera chose SAP due to its ability to deliver a single, integrated software solution that enables them to manage all areas of the construction project - from the very first customer interaction to the financially completed final project.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Implementation Partner was Critical to Success

SAP Business Partner, Dimensys was critical to the successful implementation of SAP at Oskomera due their knowledge of the construction industry and of companies working on a project basis. Oskomera is currently using the SAP Project Systems module, Materials Management, and Production Planning in conjunction with Finance and Control and parts of Human Resources.

Better Business


The Logistics of Delivering Sustainability

With accurate scheduling achieved through SAP, Oskomera is better positioned to deliver on its promise of sustainability to its clients – constructing buildings that are economically feasible and good for the environment and future generations.

Acting with precision thanks to SAP.

They have more opportunity to strategize and work synchronistically with sustainability partners, and to consider re-using waste from one product in another product. Ultimately, keeping costs down through improved oversight and planning not only makes good economic sense for Oskomera, it is a savings they pass down to their clients.

Better Business: Benefits

Impressive—and Quantifiable Results

Time, money, and materials are the critical elements in Oskomera’s production environment. The SAP system enables project managers to monitor development on projects down to the hourly level. Because they can now control the project time factor, they also know exactly when materials need to go to the building site for installation. The result is a significant reduction in residual material and fewer loss-related costs.

By using SAP, Oskomera immediately saw a 50% reduction in failure costs… from €2 million down to €1 million.

Better Business: Lessons Learned

Efficiency has Many Cost Saving Perspectives

Prior to SAP, Oskomera achieved a turnover of €30 million with 170 people. Now they have a turnover of €100 million with over 250 employees.

That represents an increase in revenue per employee of 127%. Now that is clearly a measurable advantage.

Better Business: Run Simple

Keener Financial Insight

Accurate scheduling also translates directly into money. The SAP cost control report – delivered via the project manager’s cockpit – provides project managers a detailed view of the daily status of projects. At any given moment, new insights can instigate a planning revision that results in savings. Automation provided by SAP also means Oskomera can consolidate financial data very quickly and precisely.

Within three days at the end of the month, they have an accurate project figure that lets them know how they stand at the group level.

Journey Ahead


Continuous Redevelopment

A Platinum platform for sustainable operations is a critical key strategy.

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