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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Serving over 5 million customers in Japan

From credit cards to loans and insurance, over 5 million people in Japan rely on financial services from POCKET CARD. Looking to uncover revenue potential across their existing customer base and identify new customers, POCKET CARD deployed the SAP InfiniteInsight solution. With predictive analytics, they can now target the right campaigns to the right customers.

PocketCard Co.,Ltd.

¥34,174 million (US$312.8 million)

Number of Employees


Tokyo, Japan

Customer Website

Line of Business
Marketing, Sales

SAP Solutions
SAP InfiniteInsight

Customer Snapshot: History

Riding the Waves of Change to the Shores of Success

Since opening their doors as a retail-oriented credit card company, POCKET CARD has been no stranger to changes on the road to becoming a truly unique credit card company that transcends the conventions of Japan’s credit card industry. Continuously honing collective corporate capabilities in the drive to satisfy customers with unrivaled services makes them the financial service provider of choice for over 5 million customers.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Products Customers Need, and Reliability They Can Trust

From credit cards to loans and insurance, POCKET CARD is dedicated to making life easier and success more attainable for their customers. To do this, they run business according to a customer satisfaction strategy based on unique offerings and trust.

In addition to traditional credit card services, POCKET CARD creates a unique customer experience by offering services that make a difference for their customers. This includes a regular 1% discount for customers using their credit card at partner stores and access to an online shopping platform that provides exclusive offers for card members.

In addition, POCKET CARD offers services such as insurance and business cards, which are tailored to small and medium-sized businesses alike.

POCKET CARD knows the importance of protecting customer interests, from risk management to credit screening and collections. Not only is this critical to ensuring smooth operations, it is also the foundation for customer trust. This is why POCKET CARD deploys world-class IT that allows them to respond to customer needs quickly and effectively – from processing new card applications to allocating credit and managing receivables.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

A Wide Range of Options for Greater Customer Convenience

Making life more convenient for customers is the driving force behind POCKET CARD. This is why the company is dedicated to enriching the customer experience with value-added services tailored to unique individual needs. It is by making customers’ daily lives a little easier that POCKET CARD measures their own success. But to do this, the right partners with the right groups are needed to deliver the best offers possible. To complement direct marketing activities that address individual customer preferences, POCKET CARD aims to increase their customer base by offering affiliate credit cards from internet companies and their own Web channels – ensuring valuable offers for everyone.

The Challenge

Bring Back the Old, Bring in the New

Highly committed to their belief that high value-added services and products for customers will ultimately increase the value of the company, POCKET CARD constantly evaluates the newest IT innovations to optimize operations and to make the best use of customer data. To better understand customer behavior, the company turned to predictive analytics.

By uncovering the individual preferences of their customers, POCKET CARD continually improves the services offered by promoting cash advance services and revolving credit, and streamlining marketing calls for affiliated insurance services.

With the right offers aimed at the right people, the company can not only broaden their customer base, but also reactivate existing card holders with new and exciting products and services.

Enter SAP

Leveraging Big Data to Predict Customer Needs

POCKET CARD needed a solution that would enable them to easily analyze enormous amounts of data, such as monthly credit card statements, outstanding loans, and repayments. After considering available options for predictive analytics, they decided that SAP InfiniteInsight was the right solution for them.

By enabling fast predictive modeling and allowing analysts to simulate infinite scenarios and select the optimal models for their business needs, the solution would give POCKET CARD the data-driven insight necessary to make the right offers to the right customers at the right time.

Better Business

Data-Driven Insight for More-Targeted Marketing Campaigns
With SAP InfiniteInsight, analysts at POCKET CARD are now able to build predictive models from millions of customer records and tens of millions of historical account transactions in just a few hours. Nothing can replace years of marketing experience, but experience is now enhanced and refined with hard data and hard numbers.
Now, campaigns can be targeted to specific customer segments rather than to the entire customer base. That means reaching out to fewer customers and getting better results. Since the implementation, POCKET CARD has seen drastic increases in the success of telemarketing and direct mail campaigns. That means more customers – new and old – are getting the financial services they need.

Better Business: Benefits

Contacting the Right Customers with the Right Offers
When it comes to using SAP InfiniteInsight, the benefits for POCKET CARD are clear and measurable, compared to the success of campaigns using mailing lists that were not generated with predictive models. 
180% Boost in the sales conversion rate of telemarketing calls for insurance

200% Increase in total revenue for targeted direct mail, compared with mailing to lists of non-active cardholders compiled without models

400% Higher conversion for promotional campaigns for cash advance and revolving credit with preferential interest rates to new customers


Better Business: Run Simple

Increasing Customer Convenience and Boosting the Bottom Line

With enhanced insight into customer preferences, POCKET CARD can now provide more-targeted offers to their customers. So, rather than communicating all offers to all customers, they focus on the segments that need those services the most. That means getting the right financial services to the right people and making their lives more convenient than ever. This is great news for POCKET CARD customers and for the company’s bottom line.

The total turnover for targeted direct mail campaigns doubled, thanks to SAP InfiniteInsight. – Kuniharu Takenaka, Manager, Sales Planning, POCKET CARD Co., Ltd.

Journey Ahead

Keeping an Eye on Ways to Simplify Customers’ Lives

Looking ahead, POCKET CARD aims to continue leveraging predictive analytics to uncover hidden patterns in customer behavior in order to better understand what customers want. Not only is this critical for driving more-targeted marketing activity and more-valuable customer relationships, it will also help POCKET CARD continue to develop new financials products and services that can help make every customer’s life a little easier.

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