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The SAP Experience Center São Leopoldo is located inside Unisinos University in São Leopoldo city. This special place is part of SAP Labs Latin America facilities – the research, development, and support organization of SAP – a place that contributes to continuous innovation. The Experience Center São Leopoldo now offers visual and interactive exhibits for customers to meet and get inspired and engaged.

SAP Experience Center São Leopoldo

Avenida SAP, 188 - Cristo Rei
São Leopoldo - RS, BR - 93022-718
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Meet our solution experts to start, drive, and accelerate your journey with SAP​.


Experience showcases, Innovative demos, and immersive stories about new solutions and business models​.


Kick-start your transformation and digital innovation journey with SAP through hands-on workshops.​

Elevate your experience with SAP


Our dedicated SAP Experience Center team ensures your customized visit is a success by exceeding expectations, as well as fulfilling logistical needs. 

  • Tailored offerings and deep dives into the SAP portfolio
  • Personalized inspiration tours, including showcases and partner spaces, based on your industry and business needs
  • Design thinking coaches
  • Catering, restaurant, and travel recommendations


Inside the center, you’ll find spaces for each of the three phases – meet, inspire, and engage. These areas are all customizable to provide a one-of-a-kind customer experience.

  • Two private rooms and a coffee lounge to meet with us
  • Dedicated showcase area to become inspired
  • Purpose-built space for SAP Design Thinking engage with us
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