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Education and research with SAP Next-Gen

We enable the next generation to learn, research, and innovate with business applications for the Intelligent Enterprise.

Students and Recent Graduates

Learn about SAP technology and innovations – then become part of our ecosystem.


SAP Next-Gen provides a global community for youth who are passionate about innovation and shaping the future. We are committed to technical, societal, and economic topics – and we're eager to learn and have fun.

  • Develop twenty-first century technology, innovation, business process, computer, and data science skills 
  • Participate in hackathons and projects with real customers
  • Get professional-level certifications for SAP solutions
  • Kick-start your career by networking within SAP and with our partner ecosystem

Explore our learning offerings for students

Get ready to start your career in technology and innovation. You can boost your skills with an offering that matches your needs and goals ‒ from quick, experiential programming with SNAP! to deep-dive learning on SAP solutions.

Student zone on the SAP Learning site

At the student zone, students can learn about SAP, explore key SAP solutions and discover career opportunities. With this free offering, students from all academic institutions are able to:

  • Build skills in key innovation areas with SAP Learning Journey guides 
  • Engage with SAP experts and connect with other learners 
  • Prepare for certification opportunities

Coursera SAP Technology Consulting Professional Certificate

The professional certificate strengthens your CVs with evidence of vital SAP consultancy skills. You get the inside track on how to build a consulting career beyond just having SAP product knowledge. You can expect: 

  • Project management methodologies, agile processes and core consulting skills
  • An overview of SAP and the ecosystem, and insights to design solutions
  • Multiple opportunities to analyze real cases, including two full SAP implementation lifecycle case studies

Quick-start guides for cloud solutions

Learning about SAP solutions on your own shouldn't be overwhelming. That's why we developed quick-start guides that provide engaging, quick introductions to cloud solutions from SAP – for free.

Additional resources for students and graduates

Learn a topic of choice step-by-step with openSAP

openSAP provides you with a variety of free learning opportunities through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), podcasts and microlearning playlists. You can find learning paths on for Snap!, design thinking, sustainability, bot development and of course, our SAP technologies and innovations. To sign up, all you need is a valid e-mail address.

Computer and data science with Snap! programming

Learning programming can be fun, creative, and easy. Don't believe it? See for yourself – drag and drop colorful coding blocks while seeing how your script comes to life. You can become an artist, create media, design games, develop artificial intelligence. Whatever your skill level, you'll find the right challenge and idea to work on. You can follow existing learning material or just experiment with your own ideas and get support from the active Snap! community in the Snap! Forum.

Command control of microcontrollers with MicroBlocks

Similar to Snap!, MicroBlocks is a live, parallel visual programming language for microcontrollers where you can see your code come alive on your screen. It works on a variety of devices, including the micro:bit, Calliope, Adafruit Circuit Playground Express, NodeMCU, M5Stack, and many others. To make the programming of physical devices simpler and more engaging, MicroBlocks has four basic principles: liveness, autonomy, parallelism, and portability.

Connect with our student community

Build skills together with peers during our projects and events. Exchange information about successes and failures, or ask and answer questions. Learning is more fun when we learn together.

ERPsim Game

During the simulation game, you'll manage your virtual company by applying business processes directly in SAP S/4HANA. You can follow the market trends and see how one decision directly impacts your position. If you win in SAP University Alliances regional competitions, you'll be nominated for the global competition run by HEC Montreal. 

SAP Next-Gen Projects

During SAP Next-Gen projects, you can work on real customer issues. Together with your university, the customer, and SAP, you'll work on a challenge, get coached and receive access to SAP software to suggest the best solution using technology and innovation. At some universities, these projects are integrated into the study program and you can get your credits when completing.

Hackathons and events

We are constantly involved in hackathons and events so that you can experiment and learn with technology and innovation. No matter the region, age group, or experience level, we have something cool for you to participate. Come back soon and stay tuned via our SAP Next-Gen social media channels for new opportunities to participate.

Take the next step with SAP

Start your career with on-the-job trainings, internships and opportunities for recent graduates. Getting hands-on experience and building a network early is a fun and valuable start in the world of technology and innovation.

Student internships at SAP

At SAP, you’ll earn an income while you develop your business and technology skills, work on real projects, collaborate and learn from pros around the world, build your network, and so much more. There’s no shortage of fun opportunities – whether your specialty is coding, Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, marketing, or something completely different. 

Vocational taining programs at SAP

Prepare for an exciting, fast-paced career at SAP before you graduate. Develop technical, business, and personal skills and contacts and gain the real-world industry experience you need for long-term career success.

SAP Dual Study Program from Training and Development Institute

In partnership with top universities, this program provides students with the opportunity to take major-specific SAP trainings and certification during academic years.

SAP Young Professionals Program

The 2-3 month program covers a unique enablement plan that includes SAP software knowledge and certification as well as soft skill trainings. You graduate as SAP Associate Consultants, being immediately employable with SAP Customers and Partners.

Partner Fresh Faces

Our SAP Partners are looking to hire early talents. Some joined forces and came together at Partner Fresh Faces to support you with starting your career.

Graduate programs at SAP

Whether you have just graduated or have had your first years of experience, you are our future leaders and innovators. That’s why we offer world-class entry-level programs to help you reach your potential quickly. Learn from top-tier mentors, take advantage of innovative job training, strike a good work-life balance – and grow your career in any direction.

Keep learning at SAP

Sales Talents

Work with the world’s top brands, solve their biggest challenges, and influence the way they do business.

Engineering Talents

At the SAP Academy for Engineering, you'll find a world-class experience for engineers, architects, innovators, and leaders at SAP.

Connect with us

Follow and contact us with comments, questions, or feedback via our @SAPNextGen social media channels.

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