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Elena Litvinova

Head of Service and Support Partner, Russia

Elena's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


I joined SAP to be closer to best practises, to be closer to technology, to be closer to outstanding world-wide experience of the biggest companies.

Elena Litvinova

I call myself “Customer Success Executive” or “responsible for the client’s happiness but with a lot of financial KPI’s”. In other words, I explain to large companies how they should live if they would like to be happy and I deal with people of different kinds.

My typical day:

6:30 Wake up, followed by jogging or functional training
8:00 Travel to client’s office after dropping my child off at school
9:00 Arrive at the office. 90% of my time I spend with the client, at their offices. We have a day of meetings, 1-to-1s and discussions
18:00 Work on documents, presentations, point-of-views, proposals, change requests
20:00 Dinner with clients or friends or play sport
23:00 Enter my apartment and go almost directly to bed!

When I am not working, I like sports, songs and mountains! So, I am either running, skiing (cross-country and alpine), singing songs or hiking with my family. If money were no object I would travel to Austria or The Alps in Italy and hike every day.

Work-life balance is the choice of each person. SAP Services is significantly different from other SAP departments. But it is not different from other consulting companies/firms. We could balance our work and life if we could make our internal procedures more effective.

I was born in Moscow and graduated from Moscow State University (MSU), then the top university in Russia. When I was a student I started work at Sun Microsystems Research, Education Laboratory (REDLAB) and later at P&G. Then I joined Arthur Andersen. When it disappeared I joined KPMG Consulting that became BearingPoint. In 2009 I became a partner in the international firm BearingPoint. And joined SAP in Dec 2016.

During my career I have worked in different places: Russian cities, Ukraine, Geneva and Germany (Munich, Frankfurt).

I joined SAP to be closer to best practises, to be closer to technology, to be closer to outstanding world-wide experience of the biggest companies. In my role I am responsible for all services we provide to the particular client.

In my role I spend the whole day with the client and for the client I am “single point of accountability” from the SAP side. I reach C-level people with SAP-based business ideas.

I also like to share my experience with people, so I am running a lot of lectures, master-classes and courses inside SAP and for the Universities.

Success to me means achievement satisfaction. For me this means every moment I understand the purpose and outcome of my activities. In my role this means I bring value to my clients.

SAP is the foundation of my professional career and my life. When I left BearingPoint I tried to look around and to find out what else was available and what else (business, industry, other technology) was really exciting. And finally, I realized that SAP (as a world) was the best of the best for me.



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