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The key to SAP’s success? Our people. We think big and dream big. We are dynamic and full of integrity. We are collaborative, creative, and fun. We come from many different countries, speak many different languages – and bring our own unique experiences to the table. But our goal is mutual. We build breakthroughs, together. Putting our differences and egos aside and uniting as one to move businesses and economies forward for a better tomorrow.   

Alexandra and Lior: Building SAP’s next generation of partners

The startup world is not for the fainthearted. Early startup founders face immense pressures to compete for funding, talent, and users, while juggling the day-to-day work of operations, development and marketing to scale and grow.For founders looking to take their product to the next level, enterprise-led accelerator programs, such as SAP’s very own SAP.iO, offer an established ecosystem, a ready pool of customers as well as mentorship and access to industry experts.

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