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A female Software Engineer student and Scholar@SAP participant in a coaching session with her mentor



Fast-track your career at SAP Labs India

Obtain your master’s in software engineering while gaining real-life experience at SAP and earning an income. There’s no better way to prep for your future career at SAP Labs India.

Set yourself up for a big win

Scholar@SAP is a globally recognized work integrated and learning program in partnership with BITS Pilani. As a Scholar, you will have the opportunity to rotate across SAP business areas while receiving on-the-job and structured development and coaching from leaders in technology. Work from Monday to Friday on exciting and meaningful projects, and on Saturdays attend academic classes conducted by BITS Pilani faculty on the SAP campus. At the end of the program and your studies, you will have the opportunity to secure a position at SAP.


New hires globally since start of the program

What's in it for you?

  • Work in a paid position while pursuing your masters form BITS Pilani
  • Apply your theoretical learning in real-world situationsd
  • Receive world-class structured learning, coaching and mentoring
  • Get exposure to cutting-edge technologies
  • Opportunity to work collaboratively to solve business challenges
  • Opportunity to be considered for permanent positions after 50% completion of program studies (*conditions apply) 

What do we look for in a SAP VT/STAR Program candidate?


A love of people, collaboration, new technologies and new experiences.


Focused on achieving great things, finding solutions, taking on challenges and never settling for second best.


Fascinated by new and emerging technologies – and excited to suggest new ideas that disrupt the status quo.


Attracted to flexibility, mobility, and new work experiences. Thrives when working across cultures and boundaries.


Has had a variety of experiences, both in studies and extracurricular activities.


Demonstrates strong leadership skills, inspires others, and has the potential to drive positive change.

Learn more about the experience

We offer 2- and 4-year M. Tech Software Engineering programs to groom and train talented students for a career at SAP. Whether you’re on the 2- or 4-year program, you will have the opportunity to do rotations across different lines of business (LoB) in SAP, while earning your M.Tech from BITS Pilani.

Edit Table Feature Comparison Component
1st year

1st semester

  • Discrete Structures for Computer Science
  • Linear Algebra & Optimization
  • Computer Programming
  • Digital Electronics & Microprocessors

2nd semester

  • Object Oriented Programming & Design
  • Systems Programming
  • Computer Organization & Architecture
  • Data Structures & Algorithms

There are no out-of-pocket expenses for enrolled students. SAP will pay you RS 16,500 per month in the first 2 years + your tuition fees for the academic program.


2nd year

1st semester

  • Probability & Statistics
  • Database Systems & Applications
  • Operating Systems
  • Introduction to DevOps

2nd semester

  • Complier Design
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Networks
  • Applied Machine Learning
At the end of the first 2 years, Scholar@SAP students may be invited to take a permanent position at SAP (based on performance).

3rd year

1st semester

  • Object Oriented Analysis & Design
  • Usability Engineering
  • Secure Software Engineering
  • Data warehousing
2nd semester
  • Software Architectures
  • Distributed Data Systems
  • Software Testing Methodologies
  • Data Storage Technologies & Networks
Starting in the 3rd year, SAP will pay you RS 25,000 per month + your tuition fees for the academic program.

4th year

1st semester

  • Pervasive computing
  • Software Project Management
  • Cloud Computing
  • Real time OS
2nd semester
  • Dissertation
At the end of the 4-year program, Scholar@SAP students may be invited to take a permanent position at SAP (based on performance).


1st year

1st semester

  • Object Oriented Analysis & Design
  • Software Architectures
  • Cloud Computing
  • Agile Software Processes

2nd semester

  • Introduction to DevOps
  • Data Structures and Algorithm Design
  • Software Testing Methodologies
  • Applied Machine Learning

There are no out-of-pocket expenses for enrolled students. SAP will pay you RS 25,000 per month in the first 2 years + your tuition fees for the academic program.

2nd year

1st semester

  • Cross Platform Application Development
  • Open-Source Software Engineering
  • Software Product Management
  • Block Chain Technologies and Systems

2nd semester

  • Dissertation
At the end of the 2-year program, Scholar@SAP students may be invited to
take a permanent position at SAP (based on performance).


Hear from the Scholar@SAP students

Suman De

Starting my journey as a Scholar was the best part of my career. It prepares us with professional challenges with the right blend of Industry as well as Academics that are highly required in an R&D organization. Joining fresh out of college and still having the opportunity to learn and ideate with the right set of guidance is what makes this program special and opens up a lot of avenues for scholars. Being a Scholar allows one to try, fail, learn, succeed, and repeat and the glorious feats achieved by alumni scholars are a true testament to the importance of this program.

Mellacheruvu Janakirama Sarma

Scholar@SAP program is a perfect coalesce of multiple factors that influence the flair of one’s career. I have got the opportunity to work and learn with Impactful teams on top notch technologies and products lead by seasoned managers. The environment that I get here with regards to the learning resources or guidance or the push to explore and experiment with new tools and technologies is highly compatible and just the perfect one for my learning curve. Supporting these practical learnings is the Academic front of this Program in association with BITS Pilani. Expert led sessions from the institute probe me to ask questions, explore, learn and evolve constantly at the best of my pace. The solidity of the network that you built, and the work culture of this organization never failed to reassure me that I am at one of the best places to work. Several such factors came together to shape my career in every dimension that I could ask for. Joining the Scholar@SAP Program has been one of the most fruitful and prominent decisions that I have made in my career, and I would certainly recommend this program with high confidence to all those who are in pursuit of great career opportunities and want to bring out the best of themselves.

Shraddha Gulati

Scholar is a seven letter word, bringing out seven different colours like a rainbow.I am Shraddha, a VT Star Student at SAP Labs India.I became part of SAP in August 2020 and it was all virtual.Back to back calls and pings for doubt clarifications. I was interested in arranging, managing and hosting multiple events. I got a chance to work with VT Managers and to arrange multiple events that happened within batch level.I was also nominated as a Marketing Face by Jeremy Laujox. I am lucky to get a chance to be part of EMEA Hackathon as a participant at the global level arranged for VT star students and was humbled to mentor a group of iXp interns in SAP iXp hackathon.The journey as a VT Star Student had marketing, editing, managing, exploring and becoming part of multiple other areas definitely brings lots of experiences and different taste of multiple things.

Amna Nizar Hussain

Being a Scholar@SAP, I got opportunities that made me grow to become more confident. I got the chance to build a good network and to come out of my shell by working with various teams in SAP. The learning curve has always been great with the right exposure to various technologies and a great support system throughout the journey. It is fun to be a part of the strong and well-connected Scholar community!

Govinda Kumar

The Scholar@SAP offers one to grow personally and professionally in an organization. Joining this program gives one an advantage to be a student as well as working professional which also includes opportunities to upskill networking in the organization and enhance your co-curricular skills through various VT projects. The seven months rotation period helps one to work in their interested technologies which allows one to UNLEARN and LEARN the true essence of being a scholar.

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