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Diverse team of software engineers participating in the SAP Student Training and Rotation (STAR) Program in a meeting room collaborate solving a business challenge

SAP Student Training and Rotation (STAR) Program

Australia and New Zealand

SAP Student Training and Rotation (STAR) Program

Australia and New Zealand

You’re driven. You’re ambitious.

You embrace technology and love working with others to solve complex problems. You know you want to make the most of every opportunity in life and that includes now – while you are studying.

Welcome to SAP’s STAR Program. Our globally supported work integrated learning program provides students real-world experience at SAP, complementing tertiary studies by both guiding and preparing them for a future career. STAR is a multi-year, paid rotational training program designed to help students jump start their careers at SAP. As a STAR Program participant, you will have the opportunity to rotate across several SAP business areas while receiving on-the-job and structured development and coaching from leaders in the technology and sales fields. Work full-time during study breaks and part-time during the academic year while gaining hands-on practical experience in today’s fast-paced technology industry.

At the end of the program and your studies, you may have the opportunity to be considered for opportunities within the business.


New hires globally in 2021

What's in it for you?

  • Work in a paid position while completing your tertiary studies.
  • Apply your theoretical learning in real-world situations. Collaborate to solve real work business challenges for SAP and our customers.
  • Shadow and receive mentoring from industry leading experts.
  • Get exposure to the latest software solutions for SAP’s local and global customers and the customer facing teams striving to support their customers’ successes.
  • Experience first-hand the internal operations of a global company – your behind the scenes preview. Including being part of our award-winning culture and engaging in our team events, office events, social activities, and professional development opportunities. Grow your professional network in Australia & New Zealand, with the opportunity to network internationally with other SAP Teams across the world or join our Asia Pacific team on a virtual rotation.
  • High performing STARs are also considered for permanent positions after the completion of their studies, both in the team or into one of our globally recognised Academy Programs.

Learn about the STAR program experience

Most of our STARs will work in our Presales, Sales or Cloud Success Services teams.

  • Presales
    The primary mission of our Industries & Customer Advisory organisation is to provide advice to customers, prospects and partners on how our industry and business solutions can help organisations solve complex problems and the value those solutions will bring. Our team consists of 140+ Presales Solutions Consultants, Industry Advisors, Business Architects, Value Engineers, Technology Architects and Innovation Specialists. 
  • Sales
    A career in Sales is much more varied and challenging than you may think. Our Account Managers and Sales teams are trusted advisors to their clients, engaging in a meaningful way to deliver sustainable solutions to some of business’ biggest challenges. A career in Sales with SAP will expose you to cutting-edge software and technology and give you the opportunity to work with global clients across industries and geographies. And the rewards are big for those with ambition.
  • Customer Success Services (CSS)
    SAP seeks to reinvent how the world runs as a network of intelligent, sustainable enterprises. Cloud Success Services fuels customers' success in the cloud by delivering the right assets, content, and offerings, to optimize the end-to-end experience and accelerate business value.

CSS Customer Benefits

  • Enhanced portfolio of assets, content, and offerings delivering accelerated time-to-value  
  • Simplified engagement model increasing access to expertise  
  • A greater balance of high touch, automated or remote engagements  
  • Scaled model with optimized skills and capabilities to service all customer

CSS Partner Benefits

  • Role clarity in deployment, and a shift to more consultative, value-focused services
  • Partner-focused portfolio expanded to optimize the delivery experience and strengthen partner-led offerings
  • Increased access to SAP assets, content, and offerings to empower partners to drive customer success at scale

Take a look at what our SAP ANZ employees have to say about working at SAP and the opportunities they have thrive their careers. Are you ready to join us?

What do we look for in a SAP STAR Program candidate?

Passion: A love of people, collaboration, new technologies and new experiences. Ambition: Focused on achieving great things, finding solutions, taking on challenges and never settling for second best. Innovation: Fascinated by new and emerging technologies – and excited to suggest new ideas that disrupt the status quo. Adaptability: Attracted to flexibility, mobility, and new work experiences. Thrives when working across cultures and boundaries. Experiences: Has had a variety of experiences, both in studies and extracurricular activities. Leadership: Demonstrates strong leadership skills, inspires others, and has the potential to drive positive change.

what we look for
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what we look for
Get more details

Hear from the SAP STAR program students

Raymond Zhang

The STAR program has given me experience and perspective in a completely new world, in an environment that is supportive of both my personal development and professional success. In many ways it has challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone, helping me learn more about my interests and where I am lacking. The opportunities on offer allow me much freedom to explore, with full transparency on the good and bad, alongside sincere assistance at every step of my career.

Degree: Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours) BEng (Hons), Engineering
School: University of Auckland

Sohan Pujar

The amount of trust and responsibility SAP places on its STAR interns is unparalleled. It fosters an accelerated learning community alongside consistent support and guidance. The STAR program also allowed for me to network with C-suite industry professionals ranging from various generations, backgrounds and locations. As an intern wishing to enter the workforce, this opportunity is extremely invaluable.

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce and Computer Science
School: Monash University

Rebecca Menahem

The STAR program has provided me with exposure to various areas of the business, allowing me to continually learn in a supportive environment. The experience, knowledge and mentoring gained throughout the program has prepared me for a career at SAP.

Degree: Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Marketing
School: Monash University

Alexia Bayyouk

The STAR program is a friendly and inclusive program that is supporting me through my early career development.  I have been able to develop and grow my skills alongside my studies, as well as learn about the technology industry. The skills I am developing and the network I am building will provide a fundamental stepping stone for my career.

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Software Engineering
School: University of Technology Sydney

Audrey Thompson

My experience in the STAR program has been exceptional. I have had the opportunity to work alongside industry experts on critical projects, giving me exposure to life as a Data Analyst. It has strengthened my technical, business, and soft skills, as well as enabled me to be ambitious in this emerging space.

Degree: Bachelor of Science Data Science
School: University of Melbourne

Mitchell Isitt

Throughout my first year within the Student Training and Rotation (STAR) program, I have worked alongside the sales team within the Public Sector market unit in Wellington, NZ. I was fortunate enough to experience the complete sales process first-hand, feeling a sense of accomplishment that I actively contributed to the team’s success. I have had a great group of mentors who have nurtured my skillset and supported me in developing a deeper understanding of the Technology Industry that will benefit me for the rest of my career. Another key takeaway for me about the STAR program is the ability to study and work in tandem. Over the last year, SAP has been more than welcoming to my study commitments and provides initiatives that help me excel with my university goals. This program has shown me that there is a world of opportunity at SAP, and people will support you if you put in the effort. I am thankful for this opportunity, and I am excited to see where it takes me within SAP.

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce 
School: Victoria University of Wellington

Are you ready for the next step?

Who is eligible to apply?

Students will ideally be studying in a Business, Information Systems, Information Technology, Computer Science, Software Engineering field to apply for the SAP STAR Program although those with other backgrounds are welcome to apply. Students from any university may apply to the program but students must be able to commit to one of the program structures below.

We are looking for students who have balance of 24 months to go in their current course of study from the following year. For students applying in 2022, this means you will be graduating in December 2024 or later. We offer two key models:

  • Students undertake full time work with us as part of an industry placement or work-integrated learning arrangement
  • Students work with us part-time during semesters/trimesters for a minimum of 2 days per week (3 days per week are strongly recommended to maximise this program experience) and are encouraged to work full time during their university breaks

(Students are strongly recommended to commit to three days a week.)  

What is the recruitment process?

We will begin hiring our 2023 STARs from July 2022. In the meantime, please register your interest now and you will be notified when we are open for applications.

Applicants will need to submit an application online, undertake a short telephone interview and then take part in a bootcamp at the SAP offices.

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