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Business Technology Platform

The Business Technology Platform portfolio puts the “intelligence” in your enterprise strategy. Intelligence is decision-support. The portfolio offers solutions for making intelligent predictions about the future—based on solid understanding of the present—in order to take a course of action that improves outcomes.

Decide with confidence and integrity

Drive better business outcomes and accelerate growth by moving from data to analytics to intelligence to gain instant insight and act in the moment.

Connect processes and experiences

Manage the mountains of data and leverage intelligent technologies to transform data into business value by connecting SAP and other applications.

Drive enterprise-wide business innovation

Leverage innovative technologies and intelligent data-driven insights on a common multi-cloud platform to extend SAP applications.

Data is the currency of the future

Anyone who can transform data into knowledge has the edge because insights create intelligence and open up a new perspective on customers, partners, and your own company. Find out how you can turn your existing data into your number one business asset.

How do we turn data into value?

We need to go beyond just managing data to connecting and transforming it to gain intelligent insights and drive better business outcomes. Because business is continuously evolving, you need to use your data now to design your future.

Explore SAP’s integration plan in the cloud

Listen, understand, and act on market and customer-specific requirements to manage experiences end to end.

Intelligent enterprises are integrated enterprises

Are you wondering when, what, and how to transform your business to be well equipped for your changing business needs? SAP is here to guide you through your transformation into an intelligent enterprise and to provide support along the way. 

Learn how the Business Technology Platform from SAP gives data purpose

Use data to drive better business outcomes

  • Capture and analyze your data 
  • Manage and orchestrate your data
  • Govern and improve your data

Elevate your enterprise experience

  • Simplify application integration 
  • Develop application extensions
  • Operate hybrid applications seamlessly

Accelerate insights and get the answers you need

  • Analyze all types of data 
  • Gain business intelligence 
  • Transform your data into answers 

Optimize processes and ignite innovation

  • Unite human expertise and computer insights
  • Simplify complex multiparty processes

Use data to achieve more than you ever thought possible

Understand the power of the platform

IDC predicts that 82% of digital revenue will be platform-enabled by 2025. Learn about the top five tech trends to deliver business outcomes in 2020.

See how customers are turning their data into meaningful business outcomes

What are analysts saying about the Business Technology Platform from SAP?

Accelerating your move to an intelligent company

IDC predicts that by 2027, 75% of all companies worldwide will be fully digitalized, while the others will disappear from the market, because the greatest benefit of digital transformation is business agility.

Gleaning insight from data chaos

Insight-driven decisions make analytics a top priority for every senior executive and IT leader challenged by information chaos. This EMA report shares strategies on how to overcome roadblocks to analytics success.

Growing your medium-sized company with a digital platform

A digital platform can help you streamline and integrate data to operate faster and smarter. This IDC Analyst Connection provides valuable insights on the importance of a digital platform for medium-sized companies.

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