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Capture d'écran du logiciel SAP Data Services sur un ordinateur

SAP Data Services

Optimisez toute la valeur des données de votre entreprise, qu'elles soient structurées ou non, grâce aux fonctionnalités hors pair dédiées à l'intégration, au nettoyage et à la gestion de la qualité des données.

Data Services System Requirements

View technical requirements documentation on how to implement, manage, and configure SAP Data Services.
Get started today

Get an overview of the hardware and software requirements for using SAP Data Services to address a variety of specific customer scenarios.

Product Architecture

Understand the system requirements for deploying, managing, and maintaining SAP Data Services.

Protect the integrity of your data

Learn about important security topics, including authorization and roles, user mapping, securing personal data, and network and communication security.

Plan and simplify your implementation

Start your journey to data governance

Discover how to get started quickly by learning the first steps and prerequisites that can help you use SAP Data Services productively.

Guide users through the on-premise edition

Give your administrators the guidance and support they need to handle security, user management, lifecycle management, server management, and monitoring.

Benefit from information platform services

Take a look at how we can help you keep your data secure and isolated by using the information services platform for SAP Data Services. 


Use Web services and APIs

Empower third-party development of new capabilities by accessing the functionality of SAP Data Services with Web services and APIs.

Supplement connections to adapters

Get to know the interface between SAP Data Services and adapters such as MongoDB, OData, and Shapefile.

Supplement connections to SAP solutions

Explore the integration points between SAP Data Services and SAP applications, including SAP Business Warehouse, and SAP NetWeaver.


Enrich data quality on premise and in the cloud

Use address and geocode directories on premise or with cloud microservices to enrich data with spatial information such as postal addresses and geolocation data.

Security and Trust for cloud applications

SAP provides built-in security features and add-on solutions to help you protect your enterprise

By protecting you digital assets and enabling trusted data, SAP frees your team from time-consuming security tasks so they can focus on business innovation. 

  • Data security to help protect confidentiality and integrity of data
  • Business process security to support compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Risk and threat mitigation with constant improvement across operations

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