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Honeywell and SAP partner to improve building performance with integrated data

Webinar: Bring employees back to the office safely

Set space capacity thresholds while monitoring office utilization with Workspace Booking app for SAP Cloud for Real Estate.

Real Estate Management Features

SAP Cloud for Real Estate is the only strategic IWMS solution that fully integrates with SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA for real-time insights into building operations. 

Learn about new features

Discover the features and enhancements in the latest release of SAP Cloud for Real Estate.

Get a detailed scope of the product

Check out new capabilities and the best approach to implementing and configuring them.

Location Management

Manage space more effectively, evaluate the financial performance of buildings quickly, and understand the physical characteristics of each location.

Track the performance of your real estate assets

  • Manage portfolio performance, capacity, cost, and space utilization with embedded analytics
  • Use integration capabilities to gain real-time financial insights
  • Visualize, analyze, and plan workspaces with advanced design features
  • Access contract details quickly for each leased building

Workspace Management

Monitor workspace occupancy and better understand the actual utilization of office space.

Manage different types of workspace efficiently

  • Keep track of workspace assignments by using digitalized occupancy representations
  • Integrate with HR and ERP systems to access cost center and employee data
  • Gain occupancy insights and identify overutilized and underutilized spaces
  • Identify key workspace requirements and increase employee productivity

Contract and Lease Management

Manage lease agreements, track critical dates, perform valuations based on new lease accounting standards, and analyze leasing costs.

Handle contracts and leases more effectively

  • Evaluate lease performance
  • Access cost data for each contract
  • Perform contract simulations for renewals and break options
  • Comply with new leasing regulations within IFRS and US-GAAP reporting standards

Embedded Real Estate Analytics

Make operational decisions based on data-driven insights into facility management.

  • Access detailed information for most critical key performance indicators
  • Analyze the operating performance of the entire portfolio with greater efficiency
  • Get details on financial performance, utilization, and location metrics based on the digital representation of the building
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