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Bot-Building Platform

Use our bot-building platform to train, build, connect, and monitor powerful chatbots across your enterprise.


Bot training

Analyze text inputs in any language with our world-class natural language processing (NLP) technology.

Bot building

Build adaptable conversational flows and skills through our powerful bot builder.

Bot connector

Connect chatbots to any SAP solution, external communication channel, or back-end system.

Bot analytics

Understand how customers and employees talk to your chatbot and improve the user experience based on usage and training data.

Enterprise Digital Assistant

Enhance employee engagement and productivity by integrating an advanced conversational interface for enterprise solutions.


Unified user interface

Manage and access chatbots for all SAP solutions and external channels from a single user interface. 

Support for everyday business tasks

Create a leave request, enter a new lead, or check the travel expense policy in a heartbeat.

Always-on conversational interface

Empower your employees with constant access to information, improving efficiency and freeing up time for high-value tasks.

Release Highlights

Find out what’s new

Explore the latest features of SAP Conversational AI to help your workforce handle business tasks and build enterprise chatbots.

Road Map

View our road map to explore your current options, as well as planned innovations and future features and functions.

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