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Co-innovation, certification et services techniques

En obtenant l'une de nos certifications, vous inspirerez confiance dans les offres technologiques SAP que vous proposez.

Co-Innovated with SAP

With help and guidance across the entire development lifecycle, you can combine forces with SAP and take your idea from concept to reality.

Co-innovate with us for success in the digital economy

Close alignment between line of business, industry, and Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services teams at SAP provides the expertise required to deliver certified and competitive partner solutions to the marketplace. 

How it works

The co-innovation process involves:

  • Use case assessment: Your idea will first be validated by the SAP product development team to safeguard your investment.
  • Expertise and guidance: A dedicated project lead will be assigned to support and help you navigate the entire product development lifecycle.
  • Quality assurance: As you enter the final stages of product development, we will assess your solution against SAP product standards, including integration testing.

How you can benefit

  • Differentiation and trust that drive sales: The “Co-innovated with SAP” and SAP certification logos provide powerful endorsements, help you stand out, and boost customer confidence.
  • Support when taking your product to market: The program goes beyond just productizing your idea to help you take your new solution to market. Expose your solutions to customers, SAP field organization, and our ecosystem by listing it on SAP Store and SAP Certified Solutions Directory and increase your chance of a better return on your investment.
  • Yearly renewal: Your products are aligned with the latest SAP releases on a yearly basis and the program helps ensure continuity of logo usage, certification, and online listings.

Co-Innovation Services

“Co-innovated with SAP” is a comprehensive program of guided services designed to help productize and take your idea to market.

Your assigned project lead will help you establish the best route to realize your concept. Services offered as part of the “Co-innovated with SAP” program include:

Use case review

  • Input on overlaps with the SAP solution portfolio and road map
  • Guidance on possible extensions and use case refinement
  • Go or no-go decision to offer a co-innovation opportunity

Architectural review

  • Technical guidance
  • Sharing of architecture framework and integration best practices
  • Recommended SAP architecture
  • Advice on infrastructure and licensing requirements

Enablement and coaching

  • Tailored enablement sessions and workshops
  • Sharing of quality guidelines

Build support

  • Technical support throughout the build cycle
  • Guidance on alignment with the latest releases from SAP
  • Sharing of integration best practices

Assessment services

  • Assessment against SAP product standards for performance, accessibility, operations, monitoring, security, deployment, and configuration
  • Functional verification against agreed-on functional scope
  • Integration certification that enables tests based on certification scenarios for integration
  • Test report with recommendations

Go-to-market support

  • “Co-innovated with SAP” and SAP certification logos
  • Listing in our online directory along with solution details
  • Guidance on listing in SAP Store
  • Press release review
  • Internal and external visibility and exposure and hand-off to go-to-market team

Success Stories

Find out how SAP partners are taking advantage of our co-innovation services to transform ideas into fully-realized and certified solutions. 

Embarking on a successful innovation journey with SAP

Hear about the long-standing relationship between Dormakaba and SAP and how the journey from customer to successful SAP partner took place.

Optimizing logistics and business processes with co-innovation

Explore how Implico Group co-innovated and certified its Connected Truck and Connected Depot apps through SAP and continues to benefit from its partnership with SAP.

Begin your co-innovation journey

Do you have an idea for a solution and want to begin the exploratory steps to evaluate whether it's a viable business proposition?

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