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Procurement Excellence

Increase market share with a global business network for private labels

Source, buy, and produce products quickly and efficiently by collaborating with a global network of business partners on an integrated platform.

Sourcing and Contract Management

Propel significant sourcing savings, manage contracts effectively, and collaborate more efficiently with suppliers while ensuring full compliance.
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SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing

Qualify suppliers and measure performance for informed negotiations with an intuitive tool that supports the complete strategic sourcing process, helping users improve sourcing management, reduce cycle times, and decrease time to value.

SAP Ariba Contracts

Manage the full contract lifecycle with approved contract templates, efficient workflow approvals, search functionality, and automated contract monitoring and alerts to reduce cycle time, manage risk, and create sustainable cost savings.

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Spend Classification and Enrichment

Drive trusted, confident decisions based on insightful spend analysis, classification, and enrichment.

Strategic Sourcing

Collaborate better and source smarter.

Category Management, Projects, Workflow

Improve collaboration and get smart about sourcing through strategic sourcing solutions.

Direct Material Sourcing

Manage all spend types, including advanced direct materials, using a single solution.

Contract Authoring, Execution, and Repository

Drive compliance and realize savings you negotiate using contract authoring, execution, and repository.

Source Assignment

Find, negotiate, and contract the most qualified and reliable suppliers using a single system.

Supplier Management

Access a global business network to improve savings and sourcing efficiency.

SAP Ariba Discovery

Match business buyers and vendors globally to align needs with capabilities using a simple posting process and powerful search functions that reduce time and cost of vendor selection, while helping ensure a highly competitive bidding process.

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Supplier Discovery

Provide premier service for matching business buyers and suppliers globally.

Supplier Information Management

Maintain accurate and up-to-date information on suppliers.

Supplier Onboarding and Qualification

Drive scalable and process-specific supplier onboarding and qualification.

Classification and Segmentation

Segment and classify your supplier base using business-specific processes and requirements.

Supplier Performance Management

Drive compliance and contract adherence using supplier performance information for actionable feedback.

Supplier Evaluation

Gain transparency and insight through evaluation of your supplier portfolio.

Merchandise Buying

Improve your bottom line and achieve compliance through informed negotiations and increased automation, and react flexibly to dynamic market conditions.
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SAP Purchase Order Execution for SAP S/4HANA

Streamline the end-to-end buying process with automated or manual functions for creating, displaying, changing, and processing purchase orders in one, integrated system – for fast, reliable delivery and service.


Simplify financial settlement services for business partners with automated processes for bundling, splitting, and settling invoice types and support for pooled payment, central billing, brokerage and factoring, and payment card settlements.

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Purchase Order Processing

Simplify buying with one-stop purchase order processing in an integrated system.

Purchase Order Scheduling

Improve order management by managing and tracking purchase order scheduling along the supply chain.

Purchase Order Optimizing

Reduce procurement costs with automated purchase order optimization and adherence to vendor conditions.

Collective Purchase Order Management

Consolidate multiple store orders into a single vendor order to increase procurement process efficiency.

Purchase Order Collaboration

Manage even the most complex purchases efficiently with automated tools and approval flows.

Indirect Buying

Streamline indirect buying of goods and services for better compliance, increased cost savings, and better visibility for strategic sourcing.

SAP Ariba Sourcing

Discover qualified suppliers, speed up your sourcing cycles, and create the most competitive, best-value agreements for sustainable savings with all your sourcing needs.
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Self-Service Requisitioning

Improve compliance and cut cost and risk with self-service requisitioning functions in SAP Ariba solutions.

Guided Buying, Procurement Policies, and Buying Channels

Streamline procurement using guided buying and buying channels to bring suppliers and buyers together.

Spot Buy Marketplace

Simplify and control purchasing of nonsourced goods in the marketplace with SAP Ariba Spot Buy Catalog.

Catalog Management

Drive business value by using managed catalogs to standardize procurement processes.

End-User Sourcing, Contract, and Supplier Risk Requests

Enable casual users to create contract, supplier risk, and procurement requests across sourcing channels.

Contract Compliance

Comply with contracted prices and terms automatically across all operational procurement activities.

Invoice and Payables Management

Process invoices quickly and accurately with integrated invoice processing and accounts payables.

SAP Ariba Invoice Management

Streamline the capture, processing, matching, and approval of all your invoices. Validate invoices without manual intervention, and shift your accounts payable team's focus from managing transactions to supporting strategic activities.

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Invoice Processing

Improve the invoice processing lifecycle with higher transparency and pace.

Accounts Payable

Simplify the way you record and manage accounts payable data from vendors.

Contract Invoicing

Improve contract spend and invoice compliance management with contract invoicing.

Private Label Manufacturing

Design, source, and manufacture private-label products for different regions that require different styles, sizes, features, and compliance attributes.
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SAP Portfolio and Project Management for SAP S/4HANA

Manage and align your portfolio of projects with your enterprise strategy to establish the benchmarks and milestones for meeting project schedule, cost, and scope expectations.

SAP S/4HANA R&D for enterprise product formulation

Manage projects, product data, and supplier collaborations to quickly develop product recipes and formulas, reuse existing ingredients, run contextual analytics, and design packaging and labeling within a single environment.

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Production Execution

Move quality products through production execution faster for timely customer delivery.


Manage the subcontracting process for enhanced planning, execution, visibility, and monitoring.

Production Control

Take control of production to support high-quality, efficient manufacturing.

External Processing

Manage external processing, from planning to execution and monitoring.

Repetitive Manufacturing

Adjust your repetitive manufacturing production schedules flexibly.

Just-in-Time Outbound Processing

Enable outbound just-in-time (JIT) supply for your production.

Manufacturing Analytics

Leverage out-of-the-box analytics for key manufacturing figures, amounts, and product specifications.

Quality Management

Run enterprise-wide, closed-loop quality management processes for continuing process improvement.

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fewer procurement FTEs per billion of spend when organizations share contracts with employees and suppliers for collaboration.

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fewer procurement FTEs per billion of spend with an integrated platform for indirect, direct, and services procurement.

SAP Benchmarking report


trillion dollars’ worth of consumer purchases around the world are touched by SAP systems.

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