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Installing and Configuring the Streaming Studio Plugin

By Jeff Wootton

Install the streaming analytics plugin for Eclipse, add a connection to the streaming analytics server, and create a HANA service.


Step 1: Edit the /etc/hosts File

If you’re running SAP HANA, express edition in a virtual machine or cloud server instance, then depending on the network configuration, you may need to edit the /etc/hosts file on your local machine so Eclipse can connect to the streaming analytics server.

Edit /etc/hosts on Windows

If you are running Eclipse on a Windows machine, follow these steps to update the etc/hosts file:

  1. On your Windows laptop, navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.

  2. In Administrator mode, open hosts in Notepad. See your operating system Help for information on opening applications in Administrator mode.

  3. In a new uncommented row, add the IP address and hxehost (virtual machine) or the hostname of the machine where SAP HANA, express edition is installed (binary installation). Save your changes.

    Tip: Spacing is important. Make sure your hosts file in Notepad looks like this image.

    Windows Host File

Edit /etc/hosts on Mac and Linux

If you are running Eclipse on a Mac or Linux machine, follow these steps to update the etc/hosts file:

  1. On your Mac or Linux machine, open a terminal.

  2. Enter the following command:

    sudo sh - c 'echo <hxehost IP address>    hxehost >> /etc/hosts'
Step 2: Install the plugin
  1. Use the SAP HANA, express edition Download Manager to download the streaming studio plugin,

  2. Extract the contents of the file.

  3. Open Eclipse and select Help > Install New Software:

    Install New Software
  4. In the Install dialog, click Add:

    Click Add
  5. In the Add Repository dialog, click Local, select the <extracted_path>/<platform>/SAP_HANA_STREAMING/repository folder, and click OK:

    Click LocalSelect the repository folder
  6. In the Install dialog, check SAP HANA streaming analytics, then click Next:

    Check SAP HANA streaming analytics
  7. Review the items to be installed, then click Next:

    Review the items to be installed
  8. Review the license, accept the terms and conditions to continue, then click Finish:

    Review and accept the license
  9. For any security warnings, click OK.

  10. At the prompt to restart Eclipse, select Yes.

  11. If you are installing the plugin into Eclipse for Linux, log off of the machine and log back in.

Step 3: Open the streaming perspectives
  1. In Eclipse, select Window > Perspective > Open Perspective > Other, then select the SAP HANA Streaming Development perspective and click OK:

    Open PerspectiveSAP HANA Streaming Development perspective
  2. Select Window > Perspective > Open Perspective > SAP HANA Streaming Run-Test:

    SAP HANA Streaming Run-Test perspective
Step 4: Add a streaming analytics connection

Here we will connect our streaming design time tools to the SAP HANA streaming analytics server.

  1. In the SAP HANA Streaming Run-Test perspective, in the Server view, select New Server URL:

    New Server URL
  2. Enter the following connection details:

    • Host Name: hxehost (The hostname or IP address for your SAP HANA, express edition installation)
    • Port: 39016 (virtual machine) or 3<instance-number>16 (binary installation)

    Enable SSL, then click OK:

    Enter connection details
  3. Right-click on the new server and select Change User Name and Password:

    Change User Name and Password
  4. Enter the credentials for SYSTEM and click OK:

    Enter the credentials for SYSTEM

    To automatically connect to the streaming server when starting Eclipse, check Use Secure Storage for Streaming Credentials.

  5. Right-click on the server and select Connect Server:

    Connect Server
  6. Open Window > Preferences and select SAP HANA streaming analytics from the list:

    Open PreferencesSAP HANA streaming analytics preferences
  7. Set Default Server URL to the new server and click OK:

    Default Server URL
Step 5: Add a HANA service

In this step we will create a named Data Service on the SAP HANA streaming analytics server. In this case, the data service will connect to a particular HANA database. Streaming projects use named data services to connect to database tables.

  1. Switch to the SAP HANA Streaming Development perspective and select the Data Services tab:

    Data Services tab
  2. Right-click on the new server and select Load Workspaces:

    Load Workspaces
  3. Right-click on the Server-wide folder and select Add HANA Service:

    Add HANA Service
  4. Select newservice1 and, in the Properties view:

    • Enter the credentials for SYSTEM.
    • Uncheck Use Default HANA Server.
    • Select Multi Tenant.
    • Set Database Name to HXE.
    • Set HANA Hostname to the hostname or IP address for your SAP HANA, express edition installation
    • Set HANA Instance Number to the instance number for your installation (for the virtual machine version, the instance number is 90).
    Edit HANA service properties
  5. Right-click on newservice1 and select Rename Service. Name the new service hanadb:

    Rename ServiceName the service
  6. To confirm that the HANA service is configured properly, right-click on it and select Discover:


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