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Customer Stories

FranklinCovey: Optimizing customer interactions on a foundation of unified data and trust

FranklinCovey excels at managing consumer data

When performance improvement company Franklin Covey Co. (FranklinCovey) replaced its fragmented customer data landscape, it chose SAP Customer Identity and Access Management solutions. By unifying customer data collected from various sources and combining it with privacy preferences, FranklinCovey now has a single view of the customer to personalize ongoing interactions.


year-over-year increase in renewal rate.


solution used to solve complex customer data requirements.

Customer data solutions from SAP unify data from multiple sources, combine customers’ privacy preferences, and provide the comprehensive functionality we require to take customer understanding to the next level.

Blaine Carter
Global CIO, Franklin Covey Co.

The Challenge

Understanding customers to deliver enhanced customer experiences

As a world leader in professional training and coaching programs and services, FranklinCovey is a trusted leadership company with operations in more than 160 countries. The company helps organizations achieve results that require lasting changes in human behavior by partnering with them to build leaders, teams, and cultures that get breakthrough results through collective action.


With its customer data landscape evolving over time, FranklinCovey was managing a fragmented data environment of disparate systems and data silos. Seeking another way, FranklinCovey looked to consolidate its valuable customer data collected across various Web platforms to create a single view of the customer while upholding strict data protection regulations and honoring its customers’ privacy preferences.

SAP is one of my favorite partners and is always able to work with me to solve my customer data challenges.

Blaine Carter
Global CIO, Franklin Covey Co.

The Solution

Gaining enterprise-wide customer insights to better engage with customers

SAP Customer Identity and Access Management solutions enable the collection and connection of customer data around a foundational identity that applies deterministic and probabilistic identity-resolution rules.


“We evaluated a lot of different solutions with varying degrees of success,” says Blaine Carter, global CIO at FranklinCovey. “Ultimately, we found most of these solutions were lacking in many respects. Only customer data solutions from SAP provided the comprehensive functionality we required, allowing us to combine customers’ identity and purpose data to help understand how customers want to engage.”

The Result

Engaging with richer, more personalized experiences

Using customer data solutions from SAP, FranklinCovey has a holistic view of customers based on interactions, events, transactions, and purchases. The company can gather data from various sources and store it in a single location, creating one master view of the customer. In doing so, the team at FranklinCovey can now make decisions based on data and real interactions with customers.


And because FranklinCovey’s customer data infrastructure is built on a foundation of data privacy and data governance, it has significantly reduced compliance risk and can confidently engage customers while honoring their privacy preferences.


Carter explains, “With customer data solutions from SAP, we’re able to unify around a single source of customer truth. We can gather data from various sources and bring it together to use in a way that not only benefits the company but, more important, benefits our customers. And we’re able to tell where a customer first started interacting with us, how their experience has been in terms of them being a loyal customer or advocate, or whether they could use a little more help. By maintaining the purpose of customer data, the more we can better personalize experiences and strengthen customer loyalty.”

SAP helps FranklinCovey run better

Key business outcomes and benefits

  • Gained a holistic view of customers, with insights from their very first anonymous interactions
  • Created one master view of the customer by storing data from various sources in a single centralized repository
  • Enabled data-driven decision-making based on real customer interactions
  • Strengthened data privacy and data governance compliance, making it easier to honor customers’ privacy preferences

Featured solutions and services

  • SAP Customer Identity and Access Management solutions support a nonintrusive yet highly effective progressive identity strategy, empowering personalized engagements based on trust.

About FranklinCovey

Franklin Covey Co. is a global performance improvement company that creates and distributes world-class content, training, processes, and tools for organizations and business professionals to use to achieve systemic changes in human behavior. Its solutions are accessible through a subscription service and are available across multiple delivery modalities in more than 160 countries in 21 languages.

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