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Database and Data Management

With database and data management solutions that are powering SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), you can control your data landscape with a comprehensive view of your data through one single gateway. In this track, learn how to turn your data into business value with SAP HANA Cloud and our cloud-focused strategy. More and more organizations look to SAP HANA Cloud as their path to the cloud because it provides the flexibility and scalability of a cloud-native, multitier, multi-cloud, multimodel, and managed database as a service. In addition, our comprehensive database management solution delivers advanced transactional and analytical processing with broad advanced analytics solutions across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.


Solutions for data management from SAP give you the tools you need to identify, gather, analyze, and make available the most context-relevant data throughout your enterprise. Discover new insights, simplify data management, and help ensure compliance by using database and data management solutions.

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New options for migrating to SAP HANA Cloud

Explore new migration paths and a portfolio of migration tools and procedures that can support your transition to the SAP HANA Cloud database, with a focus on capabilities that simplify the migration of sophisticated databases.

Development of data analysis models for SAP HANA Cloud

Design calculation views that support analyses in a variety of analytics tools, such as the SAP Analytics Cloud solution. See concrete examples of developing a calculation
view for SAP Business Application Studio and SAP Web IDE.

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    • Integrating Your Data: Integrate and combine data from multiple source systems to create unified sets of information for both operational and analytical uses. Explore products such as the SAP Data Intelligence solution and SAP HANA smart data integration.
    • Governing Your Data: Learn how to understand, integrate, cleanse, manage, and associate your data to optimize business processes and analytical insights.
    • Taming Data Challenges: Discover how to tame various data challenges, including dealing with data growth, generating insights in a timely manner, and overcoming organizational silos, by using products such as SAP Data Intelligence and SAP HANA.
    • Building Applications and Analyzing Data with SAP HANA Cloud: Find out how to model and process data in SAP HANA for both transactional and analytic applications. Build high-performing analytical queries for real-time decision support. Explore the multimodel foundation of SAP HANA for supporting machine learning, spatial, graph, document store, and unstructured data scenarios.
    • Managing SAP HANA Cloud: Learn how to administer databases deployed in the cloud or on premise and explore the different tasks included in managing SAP HANA database landscapes. Examine the operations for alert checking, resource monitoring, configuration management, backup and recovery, and security, and discover factors that affect performance, such as analyzing memory usage, SQL statements, and workloads.
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