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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Professional IT Services for ~80% of Fortune 100 companies

NTT DATA is a global IT service leader that’s grown through multiple acquisitions and was faced with the complexity of disparate HR systems after integrating multiple North American companies. Practicing what they preach, NTT DATA knew they needed a Run Simple approach to HR system unification, and to foster critically needed employee engagement.


US$13 billion

Number of Employees
~75,000 worldwide

SAP Solutions
SuccessFactors Compensation, SuccessFactors Employee Central, SuccessFactors Performance & Goals

Plano, Texas, USA

Customer Website

Professional Services

Customer Snapshot: History

Global Professional IT Services Leader

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

It’s a Very Big Umbrella


NTT DATA is an IT services outsourcing company that’s part of the NTT Group. Operating in 175 cities in 41 countries, with about 75,000 employees, NTT DATA provides every IT service from business process and application lifecycle services, to digital business and cloud services. A global leader in providing professional services, NTT DATA constantly focuses on the quality and improvement of their human capital.

We are a people-based company, so managing our workforce is critical…What we know about the future is that it’s going to be more flexible, more collaborative, less stable, and more dynamic. We need to leverage all the talent in our organization to succeed in that environment. - Megan Masoner, SVP of Human Capital, NTT DATA

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Respond to Changing Markets

With evolving client demands, the growing need for transformation becomes multifaceted. So a strategy with multiple objectives was top of mind for NTT DATA. In order to respond to the changing market, they intended to establish a consistent performance-based culture that engages with employees for optimal performance—and all in one unified environment.

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The Challenge

Mining the Most Treasure from Human Capital

Knowing employee engagement is critical to success, NTT DATA started a human capital management (HCM) journey. With disparate HR systems throughout their many acquired companies, having one global system was not only something they would advise their clients to implement, but was critical to their own success.

The value of unification…

Having one talent pool, one set of data, and being able to clearly understand each person’s career skills, capabilities, and future aspirations were all key to this strategy. Along the way, they also want to measure the ROI, and track how new technology is helping to bring meaningful transformation to the business.

Enter SAP

Creating a Scalable Platform for Growth

Turning to the experts they know and trust, NTT DATA selected SuccessFactors as its HCM solution provider and choreographed the rollout of the SuccessFactors Performance & Goals, SuccessFactors Compensation, including variable pay, and SuccessFactors Employee Central solutions.

Naming their new core employee platform “Navigator”, NTT DATA would focus in North America, bringing more than 20,000 employees into SuccessFactors.

Better Business

Where the Profit Comes From

When bringing together so many employees from different cultures and backgrounds, it’s common for communication issues and inconsistencies to create tension and disengaged employees with no goals or incentives—thus affecting every business outcome since they are in the business of providing professional services.

Leaders at NTT DATA know employee engagement not only improves corporate culture, but also translates into profitable dollars.

2x-5x ROI achievable with employee engagement

Better Business: Benefits


Massive Deployment was Simple and Fast

3-5 months average deployment for 20,000 employees

Better Business: Run Simple


Using 21st Century Technology

Journey Ahead

Pivotal Navigation

Success doesn’t stop here, as NTT DATA looks forward to even further unification, on a global level, with plans to deploy additional SuccessFactors solutions for analytics in the future, and solutions for recruiting and onboarding.

As we go through acquisitions in the future, Navigator, based on SuccessFactors solutions, will help ensure we can quickly roll together our talent and manage it as a single global workforce. It will be pivotal in our journey. - Megan Masoner, SVP of Human Capital, NTT DATA
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