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Adi Swissa

Scrum Master, SAP Business Technology Platform, Raanana, Israel

Adi's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


As a developer at SAP, you have the opportunity to influence the development process of large projects and to develop, grow, and expand your horizons.

Adi Swissa
Raanana, Israel 

Meet Adi Swissa, Scrum Master at SAP, with more than 10 years of experience as a developer.

Adi started working for SAP in 2014 as a developer. Her career continued as a senior developer and team architect. Adi holds a BSc in Computer Science from the Open University of Israel, and these days she's studying for her Masters degree in Computer Science.

Today, Adi leads a frontend development team at SAP Business Technology Platform. This is what Adi has to say: "A scrum master at SAP, requires high professional knowledge and leadership skills. As a scrum master, I'm responsible for the team's tasks, goals, code quality, and mentoring teammates."

Adi improves her skills by collaborating with other development teams all over the world. These collaborations include design reviews, code reviews, and code integrations. "As a developer at SAP, you have the opportunity to influence the development process of large projects and to develop, grow, and expand your horizons. This leads to high satisfaction and motivation at work", Adi says.

The lab promotes innovation activities throughout the year. Adi told us that she participated in many of them such as Hackathon, SAP d-kom, and SAP Lab IL Technological Forum. There are global conferences such as TechEd where you can meet colleagues and customers from all over the world. For example, Adi attended SAP TechEd Vegas 2015 where she gave several hands-on workshops.

"The company encourages employees with their personal development through courses, conferences, fellowships, and academic studies. Moreover, the company gives you the opportunity to try new roles and move between projects. Apart from this, the company invests in their employee's wellbeing such as Business Women's Network, community projects, people-centric lectures, workshops, and career advice.

"The team develops client-side technologies in JavaScript and Angular. We are responsible for the entire development process: solution designs, code implementation, implementing automation tests, deployment, support, and bug fixes. Thus, we have a lot of engineering challenges that require professional expertise, thinking out of the box, self-learning abilities, and overall vision." Adi also says that "working in the team requires good communication and collaboration between the team members."

"Adi is married with a 1-year-old son and says SAP is a great company for work-life balance. "SAP promotes activities for connecting the family to the company such as family summer events, family trips, and a summer camp for children."

"SAP is an excellent global company which allows me to be part of a talented team, work with cutting edge technologies to develop innovative solutions for customers around the world. I am proud to work at SAP."

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