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SAP SuccessFactors Extended ECM by OpenText

Transform your HR organisation with one centralised document management solution

A simple, secure, and compliant enterprise solution to manage your complete employee digital records increasing efficiency, minimising risk and reducing costs. SAP SuccessFactors Extended ECM allows you to build and maintain a complete digital record of all your employees, from hire to retire. This way, you can centrally handle all employee-related content from creation to disposition with a  comprehensive document management solution.

Why SAP SuccessFactors Extended ECM?

Because from one single view, you can access, process, manage, and secure all personnel and applicant documents, streamlining HR processes as you do so. And you can build this view by creating classification plans, retention periods, and disposition policies. Using an enterprise-scanning capability, you can digitise existing paper files into employee folders without any time-consuming, manual processes.

With role-based permissions, you help ensure that only authorised users can upload and view documents through a self-service portal. A full text-search capability allows you and your team to quickly find documents as required, and you can place legal holds on key documents if needed.

You can run a completeness check based on predefined rules to identify missing and out-of-date employee documents. You can also create automated retention policies based on local and regional regulatory standards, and you can manage employee documents according to country- and region-specific regulations.

  • Access a complete 360 degree view of employee files
  • Create a complete digital record of your employee files
  • Speed information access and enable shared services model
  • Generate HR letters and correspondence automatically
  • Minimise compliance risk and reduce audit time

Learn how SAP SuccessFactors Extended ECM by OpenText can simplify the lives of employees and HR staff:

Functional Capabilities

Document Management 

  • Centralised storage with metadata
  • Folder structure and taxonomy
  • HR processes and workflows
  • Search and retrieval
  • 360 degree view of employee
  • Role-based permissions for security and access control

Document Generation 

  • Pre-defined templates
  • Document composition
  • Document process automation
  • Review and approval workflows
  • Multi-channel distribution
  • Self-service

Records Management

  • Governance and regulatory compliance
  • Document completeness check
  • Legal holds
  • Audit trail
  • Custom reporting
Technical Capabilities

SAP SuccessFactors is required. The SAP SuccessFactors Extended ECM integration leverages SAP SuccessFactors Foundation, so it can work with any of the SAP SuccessFactors solutions.


Licensing and purchasing options for SAP SuccessFactors Extended ECM by OpenText

SAP SuccessFactors Extended ECM is available and qualified for SAP SuccessFactors.

Please contact your local SAP account executive for additional licensing and purchasing options.


For general licensing information, consult Licensing SAP Software: A Guide for Buyers 


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