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Find inspiration to re-imagine your business with SAP HANA

Companies around the world – of all sizes and from all industries – are using the power of the SAP HANA platform to transform their businesses and create new value. Explore their success stories.

Excel with SAP HANA

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You’ve heard that companies are using SAP HANA to increase their agility, profitability and even excel where no business has gone before. How can you capitalise on it? This guide will show you.

Satellite Data Takes Digital Businesses to New Heights

Discover how Munich RE leverages satellite data from the European Space Agency (ESA), geo-spatial microservices, and spatial processing delivered by SAP HANA to better assess and manage insurance risk.

More Real-World Business Transformations with SAP HANA

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SAP HANA Innovation Award

The SAP HANA Innovation Award is designed to honor customers who have found innovative ways to use SAP HANA to drive business value.

The HANA Effect Podcast

Listen to authentic and unscripted interviews with the individuals who are leading-edge adopters of SAP HANA in-memory technology.  

SAP HANA Customer Spotlight

Companies everywhere are feeling the amazing business impact of SAP HANA. Hear from some of them in our special Webcast series.

Customer Reference E-Book

Explore customer reviews organised by SAP product – and see how products like SAP HANA are helping customers transform their businesses.

Driving IT Simplification and Performance with SAP HANA

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Browse SAP HANA customers from A-Z – and see how each of them are using our in-memory platform to simplify their technology stack, improve user experience, and reduce the TCO of IT.  
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