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SAP Enterprise Learning

Key Benefits

Leverage this complete learning management environment to lift productivity and employee satisfaction, enhance product and service quality, and reduce downtime.

Product Capabilities

Learning Portal

Offer a complete, personalised overview of available courses tailored to participants' roles within the organisation.

  • Check competency profiles against job requirements
  • Discover skill gaps and identify which courses will close them
  • Identify the available teaching formats for each course
Instructor Portal

Manage course participation and related activities from a dedicated, personalised instructor's portal.

  • View progress for both past and upcoming courses
  • Display course catalogs for participants
  • Manage course participation by adding, replacing, or rebooking participants
  • Launch virtual classroom sessions via SAP Acrobat Connect Professional Meeting
Learning Management System
Gain greater control of the learning process – and better management of your course offerings.
  • Structure and update course offerings and distribute them to target groups
  • Integrate external content, functions, and services to customise learning materials
  • Check course progress at any time via the online and offline content player
Authoring Environment
Structure courseware and develop tests by creating and organising modular, reusable learning content.
  • Ensure course developers can structure content using their favourite tools
  • Combine and tailor learning content according to purpose and target audience
  • Give experienced learners a quick overview and new employees detailed information
Virtual Classroom Tool
Use SAP Acrobat Connect Professional to support Web-based video and audio connections, as well as application sharing, chat, notes, polling, and recording.
  • Simplify knowledge transfer across many scattered locations
  • Deliver strategic news and insights instantly
Learning Content Management System
Store and manage courseware with the content management component – and leverage powerful reusable object and version control functions.
  • Simplify and accelerate information access with intelligent search functions
  • Meet the needs of both learners and authors
  • Plan and structure course catalogs
Synchronous and Asynchronous Collaboration
Provide an effective learning experience with integrated collaboration options that allow best-practice sharing throughout your organisation.
  • Allow learners, instructors, and experts to share information
  • Enhance learning outside of the traditional learning environment
  • Promote a more collaborative work environment
Jump-start your SAP solution implementation and drive ROI by collaborating with industry experts, consultants, and support engineers throughout your journey.
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