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Report Scheduling

Run standard reports on a flexible schedule and distribute them efficiently, while minimising repetitive use of databases.

Scheduled delivery of e-mail reports

Permit wide distribution of content in a variety of file formats to anyone with an e-mail program.

Management of large viewership

Address the needs of potentially hundreds of views with one point of access, to help users make decisions faster. 

Recurring generation of reports

Set up your reports in a way that allows them to run at specific times or when a specific event or condition occurs. 

Data-Driven Publishing

Automate the distribution of reports that are customised for each individual recipient.

Infinite flexibility

Customise and automatically send invoices, form letters, statements, or any pixel-perfect content imaginable.

Content reporting

Take advantage of source documentation to publish complete reports efficiently.

Data-driver report

Determine which users should receive the specific content report that can be filtered by any method.

Combined reporting

Blend together content reporting and data-driven reporting in a single publication.

Management of large viewership

Address the needs of potentially hundreds of views with one point of access, to help users make decisions faster.

Security options

Secure your reports and dashboards at the user, group, object, and folder levels to define who sees what data, whether it’s inside the company firewall or over  an extranet deployment.

Roles assignment

Assign security rights to a specific security role and assign roles to users so that multiple users can share the same security.


Administrator interface

Use the Web-based central management console to manage, secure, and configure the complete reporting system.

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