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Service Cloud Features

Improve your customer service with end-to-end customer service support in the cloud.

Field Service Management

Enable your technicians to work more efficiently.
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Manage your customers’ installations

  • Track multiple equipment records for one installation location
  • Monitor multiple equipment components
  • Capture notes, serial numbers, and other data about installed equipment
  • Assign one or multiple measurement logs to a registered product, and capture readings throughout the lifecycle

Manage service contracts and maintenance plans

  • Define covered and entitled products and services, price agreements, renewal and cancellation terms, and conditions
  • Schedule preventative service with maintenance plans
  • Detail maintenance plans and covered installed bases
  • Link maintenance plans to service contracts

Enable efficient service planning for work tickets

  • Calculate first and next response, resolution, and on-site arrival
  • Dictate completion dates with service-level objective determination
  • Track tasks through surveys, categorization, notes, and attachments
  • Prepare tickets with service parts and labour planning and assignment of preferred engineers

Assign technicians with a built-in scheduler

  • Schedule resources to work tickets with a real-time view into your technician’s calendar – anytime, anywhere
  • Simplify time entry and reporting
  • Record your technician’s productive and nonproductive time with ease  
  • Deliver a multilevel approval workflow and reports for service leaders

Make service predictive with the Internet of Things

  • Gain insights from sensor data to improve product quality and reliability
  • Generate new service revenue with a usage-based business model
  • Use real-time machine data and sophisticated analytics to assess equipment health
  • Avoid costly disruptions by predicting equipment malfunctions proactively

Call Center Engagement

For all your customer call centre needs

Partner Packages

SAP Software Accessibility

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