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A major milestone from SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP Business Technology Platform is a portfolio of solutions that gives enterprises the ability to adapt rapidly to change irrespective of their landscape and provides a faster way to turn data into business value.

Understand the Power of the SAP Business Technology Platform

Find out why IDC predicts that 82% of digital revenue will be platform enabled by 2025 in their white paper, “The Top 5 Tech Trends to Deliver Business Outcomes: Understanding the Power of the Platform.” 

Innovation through integration

A joint thought leadership paper by SAP and Deloitte that talks to integration as a strategic imperative with recommendations on how to accelerate the path forward.

Examine the importance of enterprise intelligence

In an era of unprecedented change, volatility, and uncertainty, a new level of data, analytics, automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning is needed to drive enterprise decision-making agility.

Take part in our demo series

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See the different portfolio solutions within SAP Business Technology Platform in action:

  • Database and Data Management solution area — learn how in-memory database management systems help you manage, govern, and integrate data to feed analytics which deliver data-driven innovation and improve business outcomes. 
  • Business Analytics solution area — learn how to turn deep insights into fast, confident decisions and accelerate growth with augmented analytics, business intelligence, and data warehousing. 
  • Application Development and Integration solution area — learn how to integrate, extend, and build applications with SAP Cloud Platform to better serve customers.
  • Intelligent Technologies solution area — learn how SAP’s intelligent technologies (AI, ML, IoT), can help you create innovative business outcomes and adapt quickly to changing market demands.

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