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Audit Management Software

Automate internal auditing procedures and improve quality with our audit management software.

Streamline internal auditing with mobile capabilities to simplify activities such as documentation of evidence, organisation of electronic working papers, and creation of audit reports.

  • On-premise or cloud deployment
  • Mobile features and drag-and-drop tools
  • Optimisation of staff utilisation and resource planning 
  • Integration with SAP Risk Management and SAP Process Control

Key Benefits

Adopt a more strategic, advisory role

Choose high-value issues for further investigation and gain more precise insights with real-time audit analytics.

Assess risks with greater speed and ease

Empower internal auditors to perform timely risk assessments and collaborate in an integrated fashion.

Automate and accelerate the audit process

Reduce the cost of your internal audit procedures, while shrinking the cycle time time needed to generate reporting.

Key Capabilities

Audit planning, management, and performance

Adopt a simpler approach to creating, tracking, and managing audit issues by capturing documentation instantly with mobile devices and drag-and-drop tools.

Communication and monitoring of audit results

Speed up the resolution of audit issues by reducing repeat findings and visualising results, while standardising reports with preestablished templates and automated issue tracking.

Release Highlights

Discover what’s new in SAP Audit Management

Find out the latest updates to SAP Audit Management. Discover how this release can help improve your internal audit process and data analytics capabilities.

Pricing and Packaging

License and pay for the number of users you have at any given time – on premise and in the cloud. With our modular structure, you can buy what your organisation requires now and add more users, as needed.

Build a business case

Unifying audit management for global efficiency

Discover how Delivery Hero satisfies customer demand while meeting diverse governance regulations in more than 40 countries.

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