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SAP Asset Information Workbench by Utopia 

Create a digital twin to help manage your enterprise assets

Key Benefits

Key Capabilities

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Creation and maintenance of complete asset structures

  • Leverage an advanced user interface for multi-change object requests to efficiently handle a complete asset structure.
  • Improve usability with intuitive hierarchy processing, including search, copy, and replace.
  • Ensure consistent relations throughout the hierarchy with functional location structuring, extended inheritance, and cross-object rules. 

Integration with SAP Asset Intelligence Network

  • Access external and internal sources of information to enrich asset data that can be propagated to internal systems of record.
  • Optimise maintenance processes and asset improvement programs by collaborating with OEMs.
  • Connect to the cloud-based network for information exchange and collaboration with suppliers, OEMs, and more.

Predefined master data model for enterprise assets

  • Create and sustain master data models for reuse based on prebuilt reference model libraries and best practices.
  • Gain relative and contextual views of asset, work, and spare part objects with an intuitive cross-object hierarchy viewer.
  • Use extended and flexible workflow processing for mixed objects to easily adapt to customer business processes.

Simplified data maintenance

  • Enhance your workflow inbox with integrated content and quick, integrated processing of workflow tasks.
  • Get a quick view of the entire list of master data for enterprise asset management and drill down to a specific data object.
  • Use built-in workflows and business rules to help ensure that changes to data are consistent with the predetermined business rules.

Technical Information

SAP Asset Information Workbench is deployed on premise, and system and software requirements vary by specific customer scenarios.
Jump-start your SAP solution implementation and drive ROI by collaborating with industry experts, consultants, and support engineers throughout your journey.
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