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Creating a Git repository within a GitHub organization

By SathyaBhat

PCollaborative Development Using GitHub and SAP Web IDE


You will learn

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a Git repository within a GitHub organization.

  1. Go to GitHub and login with your account credentials.

  2. Switch to the Organization context by clicking on the Switch dashboard context drop-down and click on the Organization.

    Switch dashboard context
  3. Click on New repository. Alternatively, click on the + icon on the top-right corner and click on New Repository.

    Create new repository under an organization
  4. Enter the repository name, description and click on Initialize this repository with a README. You can add in a .gitignore and license later on.

    Repository details
  5. If you did not select the option to Initialize this repository with a README, create an initial commit by adding a Readme file. You can keep this readme file simple for now and add in details later

    Adding readme file
  6. At the commit screen, enter a short description for commit reason and then click on the Commit new file button.

    Committing readme file
  7. Your Git repository is ready!

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